Here’s The 5 Best Free Apps for Private Texting & Calling on Android

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, you may not want certain individuals who browse your device to access your text messages, calls or certain contacts information.

However, you can keep some of your texts completely private by downloading one of the best private texting and calling Android apps.

Private Space — Secret SMS and Call


Private Space — Secret SMS and Call is a free app that offers privacy so that you can hide your text messages, call logs and even your contacts that you don’t wish others to see. What’s more, you can even hide the app itself and can enable it simply by dialing in to a pin number. The app will choose space on your smartphone where you can add in contacts you want kept private. Your text messages and calls with these individuals will also be stored in this space and not show in the regular text or phone apps.

Download the app here.

TigerText Free Private Texting


TigerText Free Private Texting is one of the best private texting Android apps you can find on Google Play. It tracks when your text messages have been read and will recall them before and after they have been opened. You can text whatever you like to whomever you choose and the messages back and forth will remain private. The app relies on your Wi-Fi or data connection to use.

Download the app here.

Hide SMS — Private Text Vault


Hide SMS — Private Text Vault is a free app that provides you with privacy for your text messaging on your smartphone. The app works by keeping your text conversations locked by way of a PIN. You can choose which messages you want kept private that are stored in your regular text app. This means that if anyone else gets hold of your smartphone, they will not be able to access these messages. Any new incoming messages in a conversation you have protected will also be protected. When messages come through, you will not see a preview of them but will see a discreet message in your phone’s status bar.

Download the app here.



TextSecure is available for free in the Android Market and ensures that your text messages will be protected in transit and safe even if your phone is lost or stolen. The app encrypts all of your text messages and stores them in an encrypted database within your phone. So, all your data is secure from beginning to the end.

Download the app here.

Private SMS and Call


Private SMS and Call is free and allows you to keep your text messages and calls private. With your text messaging, you can move specific conversations to a private location, keeping them only for your eyes.

Download the app here.

Be sure to experiment with all of these apps.

You will best be able to determine which one is right for you and will be pleased with its results in privatizing your text messages.