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How-To Customize Notifications on Your Android Device

Posted on in Guides by Gene Ryan Briones

From talking with friends over instant messengers or voice calls to updating spreadsheets and playing the latest games, smartphones and tablets are capable of performing a wide variety of tasks. When it comes to managing all the information and updates on your phone, notifications are the key. From status bar updates to on-screen notifications, these […]

How To: Backup Your Android Device

Posted on in Guides by Jasmine Greene

If you have ever broken your Android device for any reason and needed to get a new one, you might have realized too late that none of the stored data was saved. Luckily there are plenty of ways to backup your data so you’ll never have to worry about losing your data. Lets break down […]

How To: Create and Assign Custom Ringtones

Posted on in Guides by John Sol Cruz

Fancy a custom ringtone? Android comes with a default selection of notification tones and ringtones that you can use to customize the way your phone rings with every notification. Adding, creating and assigning custom ringtones on your Android device is fairly simple. All you need are the following basic tools.

What is Safe Mode and How to Use It

Posted on in Guides by John Sol Cruz

At one point or another, you may have encountered your phone suddenly coming out of your bag or pocket with the words “Safe Mode” on the screen. This may scare a first time user, but fear not. As the mode says, this current state is pretty safe for your phone. In fact, it is in […]

5 Android Errors You Never Want to See, and How to Fix Them

Posted on in Guides, Misc. by John Sol Cruz

Almost every Android device today is a powerful mini computer, one with the same processing power of older desktop computers. The way we interact with this particular computer has changed, moving from a desktop interface to an app based interface. Despite the interface changes, at its core, lies an operating system that can still fail […]

How To: Manage Storage on Your Android Phone or Tablet

Posted on in Guides by Jasmine Greene

When you first purchased your phone, you probably never thought that you’d run out space. Lo and behold, several months later you see the feared “Low on space: Phone storage space is getting low” message. Does it matter if your phone is low on internal memory? Yes, actually. If you have less than 15MB of memory […]

How To: Keep Photos Private on Your Android Phone or Tablet

Posted on in Apps, Guides by John Sol Cruz

In addition to keeping text messages private, we all have those private shots and embarrassing photos we’d also like to hide away. The thing is that often times, we don’t want to delete those photos. They provide personal entertainment and great or not so great memories of some interesting times. So what can we do with photos we […]

Set Up Google 2-Step Verification For Better Android Security [How-To]

Posted on in Apps, Guides by Andro

Want a more secure Gmail experience? What you need is Google’s 2-Step Verification which gives you an extra level of security on your Google accounts. Instead of logging in with only your username and password, you will also need to enter a code from Google that can only be sent to you through either text […]