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Top Android To-Do List Apps

Posted on in Apps, Top App Lists by Gene Ryan Briones

We, at AndroGeek, cannot express how much we love Android. The freedom, the flexibility, the diversity – these are the factors that keeps us “happy campers.” But although we love Android down to the core, it doesn’t change the fact that we’re frail and imperfect human beings. We’re not robots for Android’s sake. We forget […]

Find The Cheapest Flights! Here’s 5 Ticket Apps Your Airline Doesn’t Want You To Download

Posted on in Apps, Top App Lists by Jasmine Greene

Everyone wants to travel to an exotic locale, but many people don’t want to deal with the hassle of booking plane tickets, hotels, cars and tours. For flights, many people continue booking directly through airlines believing that they will receive the best deals. Unless you have frequent flier miles for a particular airline, you’re better […]

Cheers! Here’s 5 Great Android Apps for Wine Lovers

Posted on in Apps, Top App Lists by Jasmine Greene

There isn’t much in this world that can give you quite the level of sophistication like knowing your wine. While some people have spent their whole lives tasting and pairing wines, the majority of us don’t have the tastebuds or memory to remember all the different types and brands. Lucky for you, there are plenty […]

5 Best Racing Games for Android

Posted on in Apps, Top App Lists by Gene Ryan Briones

Android users live their lives on the fast lane. We’re talking about faster processors, faster operating systems, and faster software applications.  So what do Android geeks do when everything else around them gets slow and boring? Of course, they play games, and we mean racing games – the ones that bring excitement, thrill, and euphoria. Today, we […]

Here’s The 5 Best Free Apps for Private Texting & Calling on Android

Posted on in Apps, Top App Lists by Irina

If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, you may not want certain individuals who browse your device to access your text messages, calls or certain contacts information. However, you can keep some of your texts completely private by downloading one of the best private texting and calling Android apps. Private Space — Secret SMS […]

Top 10 MMO’s for Android (Part 2)

Posted on in Apps, Top App Lists by Cody Perez

In a previous feature (which you should totally check out here), we covered 5 of the best MMO’s you can get on your Android device, be it a phone or tablet. Now, we’re back for part two. Here we’re going to show you 5 more MMO’s you can download, that are quite frankly the best […]

Top 10 MMO Games for Android Phones & Tablets (Part 1)

Posted on in Apps, Top App Lists by Cody Perez

As phones and tablets become more powerful, the ability for developers to create more impressive games for phones & tablets has become much easier. Now, Google Play is loaded with games including hundreds of MMO’s (Massively Multiplayer Online) titles. While all that choice is welcome, it does make it difficult to sort out the good […]

Four Great Android Security Apps for the Paranoid

Posted on in Apps, Top App Lists by Adam Field

Security is always an issue these days, especially with modern mobile devices. Whether you’re worried about someone stealing your phone or people just snooping through your personal information, it’s definitely cause for concern. Luckily, there are a slew of security apps that can crush that Paranoia, and we’ve picked out 5 of the best…

Top 5 Security Apps for Android

Posted on in Apps, Top App Lists by Robert Manto

As Google’s Android platform continues its rapid pace, malwares and viruses are also becoming rampant. The growing reliance on mobile device makes users more susceptible to these threats. Google has tried to address this issue, but OS updates have been slow. With this, it is becoming essential to install additional security on mobile devices.