Demo of Google Chrome OS Tablet UI Concept [Video]

Get an idea about how the Chrome OS tablet UI might look in hardware

While Tablet hardware is somewhat a commodity , the big issue is software. It’s a fast operating system that’s completely browser centric.

One month ago Gizmodo stated that Google and HTC are working together on a new Tablet concept which shall have its base on Google’s Chrome OS

The Google Tablet: Head to Head with Apple?

This is a video of Google’s Chrome OS Tablet concept. This video can give you an idea about how the Chrome OS tablet UI might look in hardware.

UI of Google’s Chrome OS Tablet concept

There’s no competing operating system with native apps competing for attention with Google’s web services, and there’s not necessarily a need for a contract or carrier as on smartphones.

The Most Direct Way To Get People Online is the Physical Manifestation of a Browser: And if Google wants more people on the web, a low cost, ad subsidized web tablet is probably the least complicated way to do it from a hardware, software and business partner standpoint.

That’s not too dissimilar to Google’s free software model for Android, where Microsoft has to charge licensing fees to manufacturers because they don’t have enough revenue from online services or ads to make up for the cost.

The Video source and more images you can find via Google Chromium OS project page

This video explains to you in plain English about Google Chrome OS. So instead of reading through reams of text, now you need only glance at the following mind map to come upto date on the Google Chrome OS project.

Google Chrome OS UI Concept Video