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‘City Stage 3D’ and three other 3D Games on my Android-phone


3D Games and Graphics on Android So Far For the longest time, the vast majority of games available on mobile phones were as basic as can be. With only two dimensional, low bit graphics, they were sometimes not even playable or enjoyable. These … [Continue Reading...]

Better feature improvements for the Android-Phone

android_big logo

Basic Feature Improvements to the Android Phone The Android phones on the market now are, for the most part, quality smart-phones, but as the future marches on with an army of new Android-phones.  As first-generation devices, they've served their … [Continue Reading...]

How To: Install Your Favorite Themes On An Android Phone or Tablet


The future of the mobile phone is here with the new Android phones. These phones are much more advanced than any other phones on the market, and though there are different brands of Android phones they all seem to function pretty much the same with a … [Continue Reading...]

Great browsing experience with the HTC-HD2 on edge [video]


Internet Browsing the HTC HD2 on edge vs. iPhone 3GS on wifi HTC-HD2 has no flash support You won't believe it, the HTC HD2 still kept up with the iPhone. HTC HD2 vs iPhone 3GS: Internet Browsing Check this comment by Ordoron "If you use … [Continue Reading...]

Multiple components of the Android SDK updated


Today the Android developers team (Android-SDK-Tech) announced several updates for the Android SDK The Android 2.0.1, revision 1 release "includes minor API changes, bug fixes and framework behavioral changes" here is the direct link to the … [Continue Reading...]

Ultimate Motorola Droid FAQ

Check out the Motorola Droid Ultra FAQ - - - Hardware features - - -What's the resolution of the Droid?854x480What do the two dots/holes at the top of the Droid do?The one on the left is an IR emitter and sensor to blank the phone during a call … [Continue Reading...]

Influential Android Geeks, Experts and Groups on Socialmedia


Follow the most influential Android Geeks, Experts, and Groups on Twitter, Facebook and Google-Groups Android is Google's proprietary mobile phone operating system. It's seen less media saturation than the iPhone, but its reach is growing, and it … [Continue Reading...]

5 Android Smart-Phone Forums Reviewed


Great help and information source for Android User and Android Platform Developer Droid Forums Forum Categories: Droid Forums (News and Polls), Droid Discussions, Droid Phones by Model, Smart Phones, Supporting Vendors, and Off-Topic … [Continue Reading...]

SweetDreams wins Android Developers Challenge (ADC)


Android Developers Challenge (ADC) announced 30 Best Mobile Apps for Android Yesterday Eric Chu of the Android Mobile Platform group "announced, .. I am pleased to present the ADC 2 winners gallery, which includes not only the top winners overall … [Continue Reading...]

Which developer systems can run Chromium-based OS [Image]


Chrome-OS developper hardware list revealed Warning: This page is for developers who both know how to build Chromium OS and aren't afraid to take a screwdriver to their computer. via The Chromium Project Full list via … [Continue Reading...]