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Sony halts Xperia Tablet S sales due to manufacturing flaw


Just about a month after releasing the Xperia Tablet S, Sony was forced to stop the sale of its latest Android tablet due to a discovered manufacturing flaw. What You Need To Know: Sony revealed that there were some gaps between the screen and … [Continue Reading...]

Motorola to ditch Webtop concept


Just as expected, Motorola is ditching Webtop. Motorola recently made a statement to CNET that it officially killed off its Webtop concept, which enabled Motorola smartphones to serve as the brains of a Lapdock or TV. What You Need To … [Continue Reading...]

Google and LG set to reveal Android 4.2 in November


According to recent rumors, Google is set to officially reveal Android 4.2 in November. The event will be co-hosted with LG as the company will also reveal the LG Optimus G Nexus running the latest Android OS. What You Need To Know: Rumors … [Continue Reading...]

LG Optimus G officially heading to AT&T and Sprint


LG’s newest flagship phone, the Optimus G, will be heading to the 4G LTE networks of AT&T and Sprint. Recently, LG officially announced that AT&T and Sprint will be the first to carry its powerful phone. However, there is still no definite … [Continue Reading...]

AT&T adding 3 new HTC devices to its lineup


After making an announcement of its plans to add 4 new Samsung devices last week, AT&T recently made another major announcement announcing the addition of 3 new HTC phones. Starting in November, AT&T will be releasing HTC’s Window Phone 8x. … [Continue Reading...]

James Bond’s Sony Xperia TL coming to AT&T


Officially known as James Bond’s phone, the Sony Xperia TL will soon land on U.S. shores through AT&T. The Android 4.0 device offers “one-touch” NFC connectivity and runs on AT&T’s 4G LTE network. What You Need To Know: The Sony Xperia … [Continue Reading...]

AT&T adding 4 new Samsung devices to its lineup


The holiday season is fast approaching. Phone manufacturers and carriers are gearing up for another busy season this year. AT&T has recently announced that it will be releasing 4 new Samsung devices in the coming months. Pricing and availability … [Continue Reading...]

Samsung releases OTA update to address Galaxy S III hack


After a recently discovered security flaw in the Samsung Galaxy S III and other Samsung devices, Samsung has released an over the air (OTA) update to address the problem. The OTA update secures Galaxy S III owners from the factory-reset hack that … [Continue Reading...]

Kindle Fire HD has 11% of all Kindle Fire traffic


Within the first week of the launching of the Kindle Fire HD, Amazon’s new device is already gaining a substantial share of the overall Kindle Fire family usage. Research firm Chitika has monitored the Kindle Fire HD usage relative to the Kindle Fire … [Continue Reading...]

Meet the ICS Matrix One tablet for just $59.99


Who would have thought that you could have an Android tablet with the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the OS for just $59.99? Yes, it’s just $59.99. Introducing the Matrix One, an ICS tablet that might fall into the low-end category of tablets, but its … [Continue Reading...]