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Isis mobile payment system set to debut next month


After multiple delays, mobile payment system Isis is set to debut this September. Heavily backed by major mobile carriers, Isis is poised to compete against Google and eBay in the mobile payment field. What You Need To Know: Isis is a joint … [Continue Reading...]

What is Android? An Introductory Guide


If you've gone into a mobile phone store or a PC store chances are you ran into the word "Android" a couple of times. Or you might have been looking for an upgrade to your old brick phone and all you see are flat shiny touch-screen phones powered by … [Continue Reading...]

Lenovo IdeaPad A2109 now available at Best Buy for $299


Lenovo’s latest tablet, IdeaPad A2109, is now available at Best Buy. The new Lenovo tablet may not be a Nexus 7-killer. However, customers who wanted a larger display with almost the same specs may want to take a look on the IdeaPad A2109. What … [Continue Reading...]

Winners and losers in the Apple vs. Samsung decision


Another chapter of the Apple-Samsung saga has unfolded with Samsung to pay a hefty $1 billion in damages to Apple. Is it the end of the patent wars between the two companies? Or should we expect that this battle will continue over the next few … [Continue Reading...]

Sony Mobile to lose 1,000 jobs


In line with its restructuring program, Sony Mobile will move its headquarters from Lund, Sweden to Tokyo, Japan. The move will result to losing 1,000 jobs by the end of March 2014. What You Need To Know: Sony Mobile’s restructuring initiative … [Continue Reading...]

Rumored LG Optimus G to pack the most powerful hardware


A new LG smartphone reportedly is in the works according to the Korean site Asia Today. Codenamed "Optimus G," the rumored phone will be powered by an impressive spec sheet that could put it atop the competition. What You Need To Know: The … [Continue Reading...]

Sony quietly launches the Xperia SL


Instead of a grand product launch, Sony has opted to quietly introduce its latest addition to the Xperia lineup. Using its website, Sony revealed the Xperia SL, an upgrade to the Xperia S. What You Need To Know: The Sony Xperia SL packs a 1.7 … [Continue Reading...]

LG Optimus Vu to be released worldwide in September


LG recently announced that its latest phone, the gigantic Optimus Vu, will be available worldwide starting in September. Viewed as the phone that “blurs the line between traditional tablets and smartphones,” the Optimus Vu is currently available in … [Continue Reading...]

Motorola Photon Q now available at Sprint


The QWERTY-dedicated Motorola Photon Q is finally available at Sprint starting August 19th. The Photon Q is compatible with the 4G LTE network and has international roaming capabilities. What You Need To Know: The Motorola Photon Q is packed … [Continue Reading...]

Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Student Edition Bundle hits the shelves on August 19 for $250


As classes are about to start, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Student Edition Bundle will be available starting August 19th in selected stores. The bundle, which includes the Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (of course), a keyboard dock and a USB cable, is available … [Continue Reading...]

Android malware increasing in Q2


Malware and viruses on Android devices are no longer a surprise. However, the latest report from Russia-based security firm Kaspersky Labs is alarming. What You Need To Know: According to the Kaspersky report, around 14,900 new malicious … [Continue Reading...]

Kyocera Rise with Android 4.0 and QWERTY slider coming to Sprint and Virgin Mobile


QWERTY fans have a reason to celebrate this month as the affordable Kyocera Rise is coming to Sprint and Virgin Mobile. Along with a four-row keyboard QWERTY slider, the Rise is shipped with Android Ice Cream Sandwich. What You Need To … [Continue Reading...]

Google to cut 4,000 Motorola employees


Google is looking to restructure its mobile business in order to focus on high-end devices. This new initiative involves laying off 4,000 Motorola employees, about 20 percent of Motorola’s workforce. Google also intends to close 30 Motorola offices … [Continue Reading...]

Barnes & Noble slashes Nook tablets prices


Barnes & Noble is determined to stay alive in a very crowded tablet market. To compete against the giants, Barnes & Noble slashes off the prices for all three of its Nook tablets. What You Need To Know: The 8GB Nook Tablet is now sold … [Continue Reading...]

Sony LT29i purportedly to be launched as Sony Xperia TX


The Sony Xperia LT29i, codenamed Hayabusa, has been at the center of many rumour mills in the past few weeks. The most recent chatter surrounding Sony’s upcoming high-end phone is its name. It appears that the Xperia LT29i will be released to the … [Continue Reading...]