9 Smartphone video comparisons: “All roads lead to Motorola-Droid”

The 'Motorola Droid' caught a lot of attention in the last months, therefore I thought to research the web a bit to make this YouTube video, comparison review list. Most of the information in this post are about 'Motorola Droid' comparison with the BlackBerry Storm 2, the … [Read more...]

Side-by-side comparison of the Motorola DROID, HTC Imagio, DROID ERIS (Video)


Plus Hardware and software compared between Motorola Droid and HTC Eris [Android] Motorola DROID, HTC Imagio and DROID ERIS: Side by Side … [Read more...]

‘City Stage 3D’ and three other 3D Games on my Android-phone


3D Games and Graphics on Android So Far For the longest time, the vast majority of games available on mobile phones were as basic as can be. With only two dimensional, low bit graphics, they were sometimes not even playable or enjoyable. These limits were usually set due … [Read more...]

Better feature improvements for the Android-Phone

android_big logo

Basic Feature Improvements to the Android Phone The Android phones on the market now are, for the most part, quality smart-phones, but as the future marches on with an army of new Android-phones.  As first-generation devices, they've served their purpose well - sketching … [Read more...]

Ultimate Motorola Droid FAQ

Check out the Motorola Droid Ultra FAQ - - - Hardware features - - -What's the resolution of the Droid?854x480What do the two dots/holes at the top of the Droid do?The one on the left is an IR emitter and sensor to blank the phone during a call when it's against your … [Read more...]

Android-phone, iPhone 2 and iPhone 3 feature comparison [Image, Video, Cartoon]


Great comparison table of Android-phone, iPhone 2 and iPhone 3 features found this image via Lifehacker's post Android Versus iPhone 3.0: The Showdown People are talking about the Motorola Droid in my opinion this is the best video comparison between Android vs. iPhone … [Read more...]

The new Motorola Droid compared with Apple’s iPhone 3GS (Image)


Motorola Droid vs Apple iPhone via Digg “Motorola Droid vs Apple iPhone Comparison Chart (Graphic)” … [Read more...]