The 5 Best Free-To-Play Apps in 2016 So Far

With an absolute overabundance of gaming apps now available on both iOS and Android it’s no wonder that so many of the smaller and independent mobile developments often find themselves overlooked in this endless pool of app-based choice. We take a look at some of the best free-to- play apps and games now available.


It managed to pick up app of the year at 2015's TechRadar Phone Awards which was well deserved for this quality photo editing app. Snapseed, owned by Google, provides users with a simple yet incredibly effective way to manipulate their favourite photos with just a few swipes and taps. There's a variety of filters and fixer uppers you can apply to your collection but plenty more to play around with if you dig a little deeper.


The Alljackpotcasino mobile app is a cool little casino app that means you can enjoy all the excitement and thrills from your favourite casino-based table games right from your pocket. There’s plenty of realism and you can even enjoy playing online with your friends in real-time. This free to download Android app will definitely help you hone your roulette skills and tactics playing the game which will be great practice for when you next hit up a land-based casino venue.


For those nostalgic amongst us will certainly get a reflective kick out of the popular iPhone app Timehop. Similar to something that Facebook already provides its uses with Timehop gives you a chance to take a look back and remind you of special moments in your social networking past. Connect it up to whichever social network accounts you wish and you’ll begin seeing those unforgettable slices of yesteryear in your online world.


We certainly live in a more health conscious age but that doesn’t mean we have the time, energy, money or even inclination to join a gym. Thankfully the 7 Minute Workout app gives you the chance to keep fit and tone up in 7 short minutes of exercises. There are instructions and even videos you can check out to ensure you’re doing everything correctly.


There are hordes of price comparison sites and apps around. So many that quite frankly there needs to be a comparison site for price comparison sites. Skyscanner however most definitely should be installed on your mobile device if you happen to be searching for the best priced flight you can find. Enter your dates and destination and the app will swiftly hunt through thousands of available flights giving you the best and most inexpensive way of getting there.

In Collaboration with Andrew Moody