9 Smartphone video comparisons: “All roads lead to Motorola-Droid”

The ‘Motorola Droid’ caught a lot of attention in the last months, therefore I thought to research the web a bit to make this YouTube video, comparison review list.

Most of the information in this post are about ‘Motorola Droid‘ comparison with the BlackBerry Storm 2, the Nokia N97/ 900 and my other favorite Droid the HTC-Droid Eris.

Another way leads to the ‘iPhone 3GS’ which has been compared with the Droids and with the ‘Palm Pre’, the ‘Palm Pixi’, the  HTC Touch Pro2 Windows Mobile and the Verizon Wireless Touch Pro2 smart-phones.

Motorola Droid Vs. RIM BlackBerry Storm 2

The launch of the Motorola Droid in November ’09 wasn’t very useful for BlackBerry Storm 2. The ‘BlackBerry Storm 2′ was RIM’s second attempt to try to offer an alternative Smartphone, which should compete with Apple’s famous iPhone. Now Motorola’s Droid smartphone receives plenty of attention, that the launch of the BlackBerry Storm 2  falls into oblivion.

In this video Jon Rettinger aka jon4lakers from technobuffalo.com compares the functionality of the  Browser and Browser speed, the Text entry, customization, navigation and apps on these both smart-phones.

The Motorola (An)Droid has the better Browser rendering plus the right screen which wins against BlackBerry’s baby screen. The page load on 3G and Wifi is on The Droid much faster than on the BB. The Storm’s keyboard is much better to use then Motorola’s soft and hard keyboard.

The Blackberry Storm 2 looks much more compact, but I would prefer the bigger screen of the Motorola Droid over the BlackBerry Storm.

I also would prefer that the OS of the Motorola Droid is open source, while the BlackBerry OS 5 is not.

Android’s open source software allows adding widgets without restriction, which is a smart way of customizing your Droid’s Desk very easy.

Load your Android 2.0 applications via the Android Market.

The Black Berry Storm limits the added Widgets to 8 and the applications on the Webstore seems also be a bit more expensive then the commercial apps for the Android phone.

The HTC-(An)Droid Eris vs Motorola Droid

Motorola Android vs Verizon Wireless Touch Pro2

The Eris is a very cool smartphone with pretty much the same characteristics then the Motorola Droid has. The Motorola Droid has a faster processor, but I’m not quite sure if this makes such a big difference, because the speed difference seems to be very low.

Besides the bigger screen, the pictures on the Motorola have a much higher resolution and the fact that the Motorola Droid delivers a 16 GB SD card, that makes an advantage against HTC’s Droid Eris by as much as 8gb. You may also like this Side-by-side comparison

Motorola Droid vs N97 mini vs N900 vs Touch Pro2

Nokia N900 – Video Promo

I decided to concentrate on Nokia’s latest N900 which has almost similar features

Score: 72%

When: November 2009

Worth: $560Carrier:


Nokia’s Internet Tablet uses a Linux OS and the best Web browser around. Is it time to ditch your smartphone for something smarter? Find out in our Nokia N900 review.

If the N900 has a better overall look-n-feel it depends on your taste,  when you are a music lover, you will like  the FM Radio/Transmitter and the 32 GB memory. These are the main reasons why you should use the N900 over the Motorola Droid also people says that the N900  has a Better Keyboard  and a better Camera.

Now I will stop writing people love short posts and when I feel that you are on an Android I’m feeling sorry for this long post.

A big thank you to InfoSync.com for providing their great review list where you can compare four phones of your choice.

This is my favorite comparison on

Motorola Droid vs. HTC Droid Eris vs. Google Nexus One vs. Palm Pre because I cannot await the start of ‘Google Nexus One’

Watch and decide in the comment area.

Motorola Droid Vs. iPhone 3GS Vs. Palm Pre

Palm Pixi vs. Motorola Droid vs. Palm Pre vs. IPhone 3GS

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At the end I want to link you also to Dell’s latest Android the Droid ‘mini 3