A.I. Robots are autonomous and learn by experimentation [Videos]

XPERO project Research on technology to understand human being [Degrees of freedom]


XPERO’s A.I. is stored in Nao, an autonomous, programmable and medium-sized humanoid robot. This video demonstrates and explains very simple the complexity of the science declared A.I. (artificial intelligence).

4. Degrees of freedom (“…from the data obtained this way, he builds a model that describes what we know as degrees of freedom.”)

A robot explores his environment and learns from his experiences

This is about autonomous robot scholarship by experimentation and gaining insights of the world. The robot has no particular goal but to gain knowledge of as much as possible by forecast and executing experiments in his environment and of course from its knowledge-beginning obtained data. The robot learns relations between its measures and observations.


Conscious that the robot is gifted to move the boxes, it wonders how far it is capable to impulse them. It chooses a box and begins to push it in one command awaiting the box hits a wall. Surprised that the box is out of the blue unmovable, he tries just about it in new directions and succeeds to slide the box down the wall, in anticipation of he reaches a corner.

From the data obtained this way, he builds a model that describes what we know as ‘degrees of freedom’ as shown in the picture


via XPERO read their philosophy

1. Stability

learns that structures built by placing objects on boxes are stable”

2. Orientation

“learns how the distance and the angle from his orientation to each of the objects change in respect to his movements.”

3. Movability

“using the knowledge from these experiments, he induces the concept of movability”

via xperoROBOTIC channel