Amazon Game Studios releases Air Patriots, its first mobile game

Amazon entered into game development last August with the launch of the Amazon Game Studios with its first title “Living Classics”, a Facebook game app. Now, Amazon released its first mobile game called “Air Patriots” which brings a fresh take on tower defense games.

What You Need To Know:

  • Air Patriots is “a new kind of tower defense game”. Instead of placing stationary defenses, players take control of moving planes with pre-determined waypoints. In each level, players draw flight paths for the planes to follow and redeploy firepower if necessary.
  • The game is available for Android and iOS. It is now available for download in Google Play and supports many Android devices except Kindle Fire’s rival, Nexus 7.
  • Like most games these days, the app is “freemium”. It is free-to-play and comes with 3 levels. By paying $2.99, players could get additional 9 levels.


Amazon Game Studios releases its first mobile game, Air Patriots, for iOS, Android and Kindle Fire

Amazon Game Studio releases Air Patriots, their first Android game
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Amazon Game Studios launches Air Patriots, its first ever mobile game, for Kindle Fire, iOS and Android
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