Kojiro musculoskeletal system mimics the human body

Kojiro mimics the human body and can handle more complex movements. Kojiro is a humanoid which is built by the University of Tokyo’s JSK Robotics Laboratory. Kojiro  musculoskeletal humanoid robot has a detailed musculoskeletal system built to mimic the human body. via Engadget To develop control algorithms for Kojiro, the JSK team is using an iterative learning process. This […]

Kindle vs. iPad – Which is the better e-Reader?

Its screen is small, it lacks color and its capabilities are limited. At a time when newspapers across America were folding, Amazons Kindle put print where people really wanted it – in their pockets. While its not quite as revolutionary as the iPhone, the iPad will continue this tradition by capitalizing on the fast-growing e-reader […]

Demoed: “Indiana Jones” game on Windows Phone 7 Series (video)

This video is the TechEd Middle East Dubai 2010 Opening Keynote by Eric Rudder. He presents “Indiana Jones” game on the WP7 series Although this game is on Zune HD available month ago, this is a great presentation because it shows the ability to resume the same game on a different platform. Eric Rudder Playing Indiana […]

First iPad commercial at the 82nd Annual Academy Awards

Apple’s first iPad TV commercial debuts during the 82nd Annual Academy Awards. The ad follows Apple’s recent announcement that pre-orders for the device will be accepted beginning March 12, with shipments slated for April 3. Drag this to your browser’s bookmark toolbar, or read the detailed instructions. Watch the iPad commercial featuring “There Goes My […]

How To Remote Control the Dreambox with Windows Mobile

Control the linux-based Dreambox, produced by the German multimedia vendor Dream Multimedia, remotely with your Windows Mobile smart phone and WMDreamRemote If you’re reading this, you probably already know all about the Dreambox, one of the most popular lines of digital television series ever to be produced. Dreambox 7000-S via Wikimedia Given all the fuss over these […]

iPhone 4G concept in 5 colors plus motion-control? (Images)

The iPhone-4G will be awesome and could come in 5 colors plus motion-control. Right now it looks like that Apple won’t change much on the 4G design, which shall arrive earlier than expected (April). On the other hand this could be a good sign that Apple will make the new iPhone much more powerful (dual-core). Design is more expensive […]

HTC products at the MWC 2010 – Legend, Desire and mini

Everything you need to know about the new HTC products and technology. HTC made the first Android phone for T-Mobile and many other smart phones for Sprint before that. HTC is a widely known company that cnet and other tech sites have been reporting on for quite some time. MWC 2010: HTC Legend, HTC Desire, […]

Demos of the 3D Engine on the Google Nexus One

Videos of the 3D Engine on the Google Android Nexus One Uberphone The new 3D features  are demoed with the upcoming Google Earth app for Android. These 3D features  will surely bring along many 3D graphics applications and even games (Androlib free) – much like on the iPhone. Google also has teamed up with Cooliris to bring the 3D experiences to […]

HTC defends their own innovations in Apple patent lawsuit

HTC’s statement on SlashGear. HTC is defending their own innovations against Apple Headlines are filled with htc/apple lawsuit news. Apple has sued HTC for infringing on 20 iPhone patents image via BBC and WindowsMobile7 Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs said: “We can sit by and watch competitors steal our patented inventions, or we can do something about […]

Mobile Search ‘on the go’ with Microsoft SONGO

Microsoft’s SONGO mobile search architecture shall make your real-time search easier and faster with the search ‘on the go’ function SONGO mobile cache architecture enables users to search the web instantly and access information (personal files, search results, local businesses, ads, etc.) across all of their devices (phone, PC, cloud, etc.) from their smartphones. Overview […]