Build your own home cinema with Ubuntu 9.10 & Moovida (how-to + videos)

I’m a very big fan of Ubuntu Studio


In the last month I couldn’t use it .

I can’t find a netinstall location for this sepcial music mixing oriented operating system.

With a friend we set up his home system with Ubuntu Studio now he has music everywhere.

I like it more quiet in the nature and the woods, when I am not sitting in front of my system.

This is all about you, this Blog and our posts all we do is only for our readers.

Today I thought to share this howto with you as I stumbled upon this gorgeous Linux How-To on digg.

No it hasn’t reached the frontpage till now.

How To Setup a Home Theater PC using Ubuntu 9.10 and Moovida

NJoy the HowTo and comment your opinion in our comment area, but when you have the time, please read ahead and watch the next videos below I’ve found via youtube. Before you set up Moovida watch these videos and then you can decide.

moovida media center on ubuntu 9.10

It could be that you have seen this video on youtube before, it is from the 17th June 2009.

Here is another one, the last one, also in spanish

Moovida for ALL Windows and Ubuntu

Does anybody know how to setup Ubuntu Studio via net install, I would like to hear a few ideas.

Comments are welcome and appreciated.

It can take till we can give the coment free, we are thinking about a captcha system in the comment area, what are your thoughts?

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