Build your own wearable 6th sense – ‘Sixth-Sense’ goes open source

Everybody can build his own wearable ‘SixthSense’

MIT grad Mistry to make digital ‘SixthSense’ open source

“People will be able to make their own hardware. I will give them instructions how to make it. And also provide them key software…give them basic key software layers. . . they will be able to build their own applications. They will be able to modify base level and do anything”.

sixthsense12 Mistry, a PhD student in Pattie Maes’ Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT’s Media Lab

more pictures s i x t h s e n s e – a wearable gestural interface (MIT Media Lab)

sixth-sense technology – a wearable gestural interface

Talks Pattie Maes and Pranav Mistry demo SixthSense

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