Isis mobile payment system set to debut next month

After multiple delays, mobile payment system Isis is set to debut this September. Heavily backed by major mobile carriers, Isis is poised to compete against Google and eBay in the mobile payment field. What You Need To Know: Isis is a joint venture by AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. The newest mobile payment system is set […]

Angry Birds Seasons to feature a new cute bird

A new bird is joining the gang. Simply known as Pink Bird, the new character will soon be added on Angry Birds Seasons. Don’t let the cute looks fool you. The Pink Bird is equipped with tiny bubbles to fight her piggy adversaries. What You Need To Know: There is no definite date when the […]

Angry Birds Coming to Mars This Fall

A few days before the Curiosity Rover landing on Mars, Rovio has released a video teaser for the upcoming “red planet” update of Angry Birds. The 30-second video clip does not provide much detail about the update. It just flashes the dates of the upcoming landing of Curiosity Rover and the Mars surface. What You […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies comes to Android

The highly anticipated zombie spin-off of Activision’s Call of Duty: Black Ops, the Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is now on Android. Distributed by Glu Mobile, the first-person shooter zombie game is now on Google Play. However, it is currently available exclusively to Xperia devices. Non-Xperia users could download the game a month from […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Holiday Inn app offers unique Olympic Games experience

VIP guests of Holiday Inn London Stratford City are in for a treat. In partnership with Fingi, Samsung will bring an “end-to-end hotel hospitality solution” specially offered for this year’s Olympic Games. What You Need To Know: With an app installed, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will function as a room key, control lighting, TV, AC […]

“Soooo giant” piracy rate triggers Dead Trigger to be free-to-play

Madfinger Games recently dropped the price tag for its Dead Trigger game from $0.99 to absolutely free. According to a Facebook post by Madfinger, the main reason for the price drop is due to “unbelievably high” piracy rate on Android devices. What You Need To Know: Dead Trigger is now available to Google Play store […]

Top Smartphone eBook and Book Apps for Android

eBooks logically started with the PC before migrating to laptops and then netbooks. Soon after, dedicated ebook readers such as’s Kindle and the Sony Reader came onto the scene. Now, however, consumers are looking to get more out of the gadgets they already own. This has brought ebooks to smartphones. While the iPhone definitely […]

Google Android 2.2 plus automatic-app-updates spotted in the wild

Exactly Google Android 2.2  has been spotted in analytics data on a HTC Magic. Rumors could be right that the latest Android OS version will have ‘automatic app updates’ Image via Mobiflip Also interesting is that Android 2.2 could be on the way with automatic-app-updates Mobiflip Blog mentioned that “the Android is clearly a new or revised […]

Top Smartphone eBook and Book Apps for iPhone

It would seem as though smartphones are becoming the next biggest e-book platform. Recent news of ebook apps now exceeding the number of games on platforms like Apple’s iPhone and iPod. According to Mobclix, there are more than 27,000 app-based books available on Apple’s App Store, with games falling behind at 25,400, and entertainment at a […]

Demoed: “Indiana Jones” game on Windows Phone 7 Series (video)

This video is the TechEd Middle East Dubai 2010 Opening Keynote by Eric Rudder. He presents “Indiana Jones” game on the WP7 series Although this game is on Zune HD available month ago, this is a great presentation because it shows the ability to resume the same game on a different platform. Eric Rudder Playing Indiana […]