One of the worlds cheapest Laptop for $65

Firstview Electronic HK Limited presents their Android based Laptop for $65 on CeBIT 2010 in Hannover, Germany The website load is very slow when you compare it with more expensive Laptops, but you can buy for $65 in the Chinese factories when you order this Laptop in large quantities. $65 Android Laptop Specs: Android low […]

Kojiro musculoskeletal system mimics the human body

Kojiro mimics the human body and can handle more complex movements. Kojiro is a humanoid which is built by the University of Tokyo’s JSK Robotics Laboratory. Kojiro  musculoskeletal humanoid robot has a detailed musculoskeletal system built to mimic the human body. via Engadget To develop control algorithms for Kojiro, the JSK team is using an iterative learning process. This […]

Happy New Year wishes to AndroGeek’s reader

We wish you all a Happy New Year. We are working hard to make it big. NJoy the free time. 4TMCFN6CG4WH

Green Smoke’s E-Hooka Debuts

Not that we plan on hookah bars going smokeless anytime soon, but if you’re interested in getting your entire table at Chili’s a much-needed nicotine buzz without getting kicked out of the establishment, then the E-Hookah from GreenSmoke is the gadget for you.

Influential Android Geeks, Experts and Groups on Socialmedia

Follow the most influential Android Geeks, Experts, and Groups on Twitter, Facebook and Google-Groups Android is Google’s proprietary mobile phone operating system. It’s seen less media saturation than the iPhone, but its reach is growing, and it already has a passionate following online. There are literally hundreds of Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and Google groups […]

SweetDreams wins Android Developers Challenge (ADC)

Android Developers Challenge (ADC) announced 30 Best Mobile Apps for Android Yesterday Eric Chu of the Android Mobile Platform group “announced, .. I am pleased to present the ADC 2 winners gallery, which includes not only the top winners overall and in each category,…” there are winners in different categories from Social Media to Education applications as also from Entertainment […]

Free Windows-7 tools for tuning your HDD and Filesystem

Protecting Your Hard Drive and Filesystem On Windows 7 Following any OS release, there’s always a lot of excitement as well as a bunch of new wrinkles to iron out. Nowhere is this more true than with Microsoft’s Windows platform. While often touted as the easiest and most user friendly system out there, it tends […]

OS Xbox Pro Hackintosh [Video]

Is this the hottest Hackintosh of the last month or the hottest this year? OS Xbox Pro Video Worklog images and more information via OS Xbox Pro casemod build video is mesmerizing and “It was just recently that I found out about the EFi-X dongle, a device that plugs into compatible motherboards and allows them […]

How to Build Robots That Couldn’t Harm a Fly

Six ways An easy way to show this list via NewScientist with images I hope I have made it Keep them in low-risk situations Image via Do not give them weapons Image via Give them rules like Asimov’s ‘Three Laws of Robotics’ Image via Program robots with principles Image via Educate robots like children Image via […]

Miyamoto says more motion controller rivalry could lead to “less uniqueness”

Has Nintendo really nothing to fear in this competition? Yes, Nintendo has shown with their latest Nintendo DS and their Wii that they always have the potential to create something astonishing. “Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto has told ONM that the games industry could lose its ‘uniqueness’ when Microsoft and Sony launch their own motion controllers.” […]