another degree of reality – The ultimate racing simulator (video)

Christmas present for the motorsport enthusiast – The racing simulator The F1-style rig costs £120,000. It brings another degree of reality to virtual racing. via Telegraph

Updated: Google opened The Chromium-OS Project for the public [1st Screenshots]

Chromium OS is an open-source project that aims to build an operating system Three screenshots of the latest released Chrome-OS Google OS App Basic – Google OS App Menu – Google-OS-App-Panels Images I’ve found via Reddit Chromium OS open source project released more links and informations via The Chromium Projects – Chromium-OS Update for the […]

Droids don’t breed, whose children are these anyway? [image]

droid day care R2 has been given day care duties for all the baby droids. He’s not happy. via Flickr

First Interactive Video Ad Units for iPhone/ iPodtouch [Video]

Today the advertising company AdMob announced that they will deliver the first Interactive Video Ad Units for the iPhone and the iPodtouch. “We’re excited to announce our Interactive Video Ad Unit for iPhone. For the first time, mobile video is truly interactive as we’ve included customizable in-player action buttons enabling consumers to engage with Web […]

Windows-7 activation bypassed

key antipiracy protections of Windows 7 have been bypassed by hacker Microsoft official statement “We’re aware of this workaround and are already working to address it,” more information @”Hackers bypass Windows 7 activation” (cnet)

Build your own home cinema with Ubuntu 9.10 & Moovida (how-to + videos)

I’m a very big fan of Ubuntu Studio In the last month I couldn’t use it . I can’t find a netinstall location for this sepcial music mixing oriented operating system. With a friend we set up his home system with Ubuntu Studio now he has music everywhere. I like it more quiet in the […]

A new netbook stands out from the crowd with wing design

Is this the new cooling technology? The G-Five KTNO2 is designed like an aircraft wing Designers use examples from the nature to make it to their advance. says on their homepage ”the key feature is the teardrop shaped hinge that allows the netbook to open well past 90 degrees, and when closed operates like […]

“this is my sci-fi desktop”

Is this really the best Sci-Fi desktop? Do you also have such a desktop maybe not only on linux?

New ‘ikee’ related worm – Hackers are plundering personal data from jailbroken iPhones

Hackers are using the tactic demonstrated last week by an Australian programmer’s self-described “prank” Computerworld reports that This new worm uses “the same approach as last week’s “ikee” worm to silently snatch control of some iPhones” “Portable attack runs on Windows PCs and Macs, then sniffs out nearby iPhones to plunder” “It’s not surprising,” said […]

‘Modern Warfare 2’ on a pirate site! Microsoft bans XBox-Live players again

Gamers who have altered their consoles cannot  use  Microsoft’s gaming service anymore “It’s oh-so enticing: You find a copy of a brand-new game like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on a pirate site and the temptation to download it is too strong.” Report: Microsoft bans 1 million Xbox Live players The timing of the […]