Palm Pre – WebOS 1.0.4 firmware update available

Ten days after the prerelease for the Palm Pre, Palm Inc. releases WebOS 1.0.4 patches the recent homebrew application install method “whereby users were able to side-load unofficial third party apps via an email link.” via

A new guitar is on the way Guitar Hero 5’s “New Axe”

Guitar Hero 5’s evolution goes on “We’ve already noted drum alterations and turntable possibilities for Guitar Hero 5, …” Engadget

Sega dated “Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games”

SEGA Europe announced the release date of the Winter Olympics Games 2010 “Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games” 16th October 2009 “Head For The Slopes – October 16th 2009”

World of Warcraft gets its own Twitter-client #TweetCraft

‘TweetCraft – A World of Warcraft Twitter client’ “TweetCraft is an in-game Twitter client for World of Warcraft and a Coding4Fun Project. With it, you can send/receive Twitters, upload screenshots, and even AutoTweet in-game achievements!” I always thought the WoW gamer would have no time for socialmedia. Text and video via

Flash-Game ‘Half-Minute Hero’ wasn’t a commercial but the #retro

Joystick Playstation Blog Flashgames insights, they are quoting game producer Kenichiro Takaki and game director Kotaro Yoshida [@Famitsu PSP+PS3] (via PSP Hyper) “Half-Minute Hero wasn’t always meant to be a commercial title;” “Half-Minute Hero was inspired by some of Yoshida’s work he had done during his spare time, specifically a Flash game that only took […]

Tetsujin: Japan’s new gigantic ROBOT [pics/ video]

Tetsujin No. 28 in production Translated YouTube description: “Anime version of the same total length of 18 meters set “Gigantor”, and metal processing company in Kishiwada, Osaka “SEISAKUSHO North Sea” in the works. 100,000,000 construction cost is 3500 yen. 10 of this year’s Hometown Yokoyama Mitsuteru to be published in Kobe. NPO corporation “KOBE Etsuhiko […]

FIFA 10 teaser trailer from EA – Official FIFA 10 Trailer #1

Official FIFA 10 Trailer #1 Video Video via YouTube

iPodLinux Project: Will Linux make Apple products cheaper? #gna

Linux does Welcome Apple’s iPod with ‘Linux4iPodNano’! “So far, a customized uClinux kernel has been successfully ported to several iPods by iPodLinux Project.” via Digg origin source via Can Linux make Apple products cheaper?

mixed martial arts war – UFC: “Don’t do business with EA Sports!”

MMA video game war next round “You won’t be in the UFC,” White said about additional fighters who sign with EA Sports. That’s an extorsion! “I’m not tap-dancing around this thing or whatever,” White said. “I’m telling you straight-up, I’m at war with them right now. That’s how I look at it.” Very aggressive statement! […]

MIT’s robot and cars innovations – Visions for the future [Video]

A post reached me via Softpedia: “A Look at What MIT Has in Store for the Future” and has lead me to this post I couldn’t grab the video from the BBC click article “Robots and cars for the future” so I searched YouTube for it and found this YouTube search results My favorite video […]