‘City Stage 3D’ and three other 3D Games on my Android-phone

3D Games and Graphics on Android So Far

For the longest time, the vast majority of games available on mobile phones were as basic as can be. With only two dimensional, low bit graphics, they were sometimes not even playable or enjoyable. These limits were usually set due to the small processing power available on a mobile phone. Even though phones have seen a fair amount of technological advances, often the phones would be limited to two dimensional graphics, limiting their appeal more than a few times. The Google Android in particular did not see enough of an advance in technology until recently. Now a few three dimensional games are beginning to pop up that can be played on the Android, which is a great breakthrough for the mobile gamer who just needed to have Google’s phone.

G1? Here are two videos from the next Android generation

3D Gaming on Android

Motorola Droid 3D Graphics

Here is my review of my favorited Android 3d games.

The first of these great three dimensional games to try out goes by the name 3D Cube Race. Developed by ESC Mobile, the purpose is for the player to guide a plane through various different levels. The levels contain 3D cubes that use the Android’s built in internal accelerometer, which is the device that indicates displaying an image in portrait layout when the Android is held right side up, and in landscape layout when turned to its side. ESC made a great use of the accelerometer, nailing the control very well and providing an outstanding sample of the Android’s abilities. It is currently available from the Android market for 1 GBP.

Cube Race for Android

Classic Cube Runner game for Android by ESC Mobile.

Fly through 3D cubes in the field! Seriously fun runner game!

* Online Hall of Fame!
* Tilt control
* Calibration
* Only 130K

iPingPong-3d.pngipingpong-3dAnother newbie to the Android market by Octane Technologies is iPingPong 3D. The player’s objective is to move the bat by using the touch screen as the controls. Placing the bat on where the ball is going to land can hit the ball but power would be lost as opposed to tapping the screen in order to hit the ball a little harder. The graphics are pretty good compared to other games out on the marketplaces, not to mention the control system is one of the best as well. The computer is just challenging enough to keep a player interested in playing for quite awhile, though it would have been nice to see multiplayer games as well. This game is currently available from the Android market for 1.99 GBP.

OmniG Software has come up with a three dimensional racing game called 3D City Stage (review). As previously mentioned, many games on mobile phones are not so wonderful to look at, although there are some exceptions. This game is one of those exceptions; it has perhaps the most outstanding and astonishing three dimensional graphics ever seen on a mobile phone before. Games like this give game developers a boost of confidence on seeing what these mobile phones are capable of handling. The Android’s trackball is the control device, which is a little uncomfortable and has a bit of a learning curve but it isn’t too difficult to get used to. The major problem is steering and accelerating, the latter of which requires pushing forward. It is possible to use the keyboard if the player cannot handle this, though it really should use the internal accelerometer. A demo version is available as a free download from the Android marketplace.

Lastly, OmniG Software has yet another stunning and amazing looking three dimensional game with awkward controlling. 3D Super-G Stunt is a three dimensional flight simulator game, in which the player must guide the jet plane, again using the trackball, through a path of rings. Like OmniG’s other game, the controls definitely have a bit of a learning curve, but after getting used to them, the game is just as addictive as any other, if not more. A free demo is available in the Android marketplace. The full version has not yet been released, but is definitely worth the purchase once it is.

City Stage 3D Snow Rally Super-G Stunt

Super-G Stunt – The Ultimate Aerobatics (PREVIEW)

There are a variety of different three dimensional games out there that offer great graphics without sacrificing enjoyable gameplay and high replay value. Go ahead and grab the few extra couple of pounds and make a couple of purchases that will provide many hours of fun and stunning aesthetics!

and one thing I’d add is some mention about how these games are living up to ones on the iphone
like with the moto Droid having twice the resolution as the iphone it’s only a matter of time before the gaming gets at least comparable

Look at the Motorola Droid having twice the resolution as the iphone it’s only a matter of time before the gaming gets at least comparable, isn’t it?