Demos of the 3D Engine on the Google Nexus One

Videos of the 3D Engine on the Google Android Nexus One Uberphone

The new 3D features  are demoed with the upcoming Google Earth app for Android. These 3D features  will surely bring along many 3D graphics applications and even games (Androlib free) – much like on the iPhone. Google also has teamed up with Cooliris to bring the 3D experiences to the Android Nexus One user.

Now watch these videos and comment in our comment area

3D Engine on Google Android Phone – Nexus One

Even complex 3D engines seem to run fine on flash 10.1

Flash Player 10.1, 3D content on Google Nexus One

After you have watched these videos, do you still think flash is too CPU intensive and is slowing down mobile phones?

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