Flash-Game ‘Half-Minute Hero’ wasn’t a commercial but the #retro

Joystick Playstation Blog http://playstation.joystiq.com Flashgames insights, they are quoting game producer Kenichiro Takaki and game director Kotaro Yoshida [@Famitsu PSP+PS3] (via PSP Hyper)

“Half-Minute Hero wasn’t always meant to be a commercial title;”

“Half-Minute Hero was inspired by some of Yoshida’s work he had done during his spare time, specifically a Flash game that only took him a day to make.”

When will console games become Flash-Game #Retro games?

Advantages  of Flash-Games:

  • Flash is easy to learn for a programmer
  • Everything is webbased, so it is a cheap solution.

When you’ve more advantages? OR disadvantages?

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