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All You Need For Your Smartphone Is On This Big List of Free Google Android Apps for your daily life with the Droid-phone

The Google Android is a smartphone with increasing popularity throughout the smart-phone world. As expected, the question of whether an application is good or not, or whether a user should pay this amount of money or find a free alternative has been rising as well for multiple Android users. This list aims to provide a few applications that every Android user should have and at a price anybody could afford – free.

Android apps for Students

By using their Google Docs (Reviewed) account, users can create, view and edit documents and spreadsheets. Additionally, whenever a person views a document, a good number of the original formatting is still present, which is a bonus considering the small screen of the Android. It is a helpful application when touching up a report or taking some notes.


Never go shopping for textbooks without this application, which offers the most variety in price checking. All the user has to do is take a picture of the textbook and the rest of the work is done by Snaptell. It searches eBay, Amazon, B&N, as well as local stores.


This application’s purpose is to replace that assignment book students use to write down their schedule. The free version of CoursePro can be helpful to part time students, adding four courses with five assignments per course, but the Pro version adds any amount. The main screen displays upcoming assignments, classroom, professor and more.


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Most professors don’t accept citations from Wikipedia, but it goes without saying that it is a very useful tool for quick facts or to help start a project. This application loads articles similarly to Wikipedia’s mobile website but also adds the ability to send the article via email. All in all, definitely something to add.


Android apps for Lifestyle

Locale allows a user to set actions to occur that are triggered by certain events and settings. It sounds terribly unexciting, but a few examples of this in action include automatically dimming the brightness of the screen once the battery falls below a certain level, turning off the ringer at certain times of day, or texting friends once the user has arrived at a location.

“In March 2005, Judge Robert Restaino jailed 46 people when a mobile phone rang in his New York courtroom and no one would admit responsibility.”


Note Everything
Users can type, paint or vocally record all of their notes in the free version of this application. The notes can be organized into folders and be imported/exported on the Android’s SD card. The Pro version offers reminders, encryption and more.


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ActionComplete for Android Phones

Sometimes people need more than a to-do list; for these people, this application offers help managing projects, separate jobs and basically time by allowing reminders, timers, labels and detailed actions. Additionally, location awareness automatically loads work projects near work and freelance projects near home.

ActionComplete Screenshots

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Handcent SMS
Some applications, such as Hancent, are so good that they should probably replace the Android’s default application. This is ultimately the best tool for sending and reading SMS messages, with settings allowing notifications, reminders on unread messages, quick pre-typed messages, mass deleting and overall, a better looking interface for communication.


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Android Fun Apps


Ringdroid allows users to conveniently and very easily create free ringtones from their favorite songs. Simply by loading a song onto the SD card and picking beginning and ending points, users can save the selection and subsequently use it as either a ringtone, notification or even an alert. Alternatively, users can record ringtones with this application.

Ringdroid Android App review

Download (via CNet)


android-apps_picsayThis next free application allows the user to modify photos through the Andoid. Sure, it is technically just a small version of PicSay pro, but the free version has enough features to satisfy most users. The only problem is that larger photos are resized to fit the screen. Outside of that, however, it is a fun application. Users can add speech balloons, text styles and little decals such as hearts or stars to the photo.


Robo Defense

This tower defense application game once won the title of Best Arcade Game, proving it is worth it to download. Blast invaders with guns, rocket launches, missiles and more. More information about this game and other Multiplayer Games for the Android.

Imeem Mobile

The Android is capable of playing music from its SD card, but if the user simply does not have a track they wish to listen to, they can stream music through Imeem Mobile. Users can upload tracks from their computer, listen to radio stations created by user defined artists or even listen to stations created by Imeem or other users. Best of all, this application runs in the background while using other applications.

Money Apps


Users will never get themselves a bum deal ever again. Simply by entering the product name or barcode – which requires the camera or simply typing it in the keypad – this application can not only identify the product, but can also search the Internet as well as nearby chain stores for the best prices available. It will also provide reviews on the item and is a vital tool to help save money.

Shop Savvy for Google Android: Live Demo

Barcode Scanner

Android Scanner Application

As a bit of an alternative to ShopSavvy, this application lets users scan a product’s QR code, which is the little square made up of black dots and black and white lines. Once it scans the QR code, it will locate the best deal for a user by searching eBay, Amazon and other major sites along with local stores.


Mobile Banking

android-apps_mobile-bankingFrom Bank of America, users can easily check their available balance, transfer funds and pay bills without having to go home and use the computer. Additionally, they can locate ATMs and main banking centers using GPS coordinates – and therefore, no address input is needed.

Office Apps

Google Voice

Users will need an existing account with Google Voice for this application to work, but once that part is said and done, they can make outgoing calls with the number associated with the account by pressing a single button in the contacts list. It also offers convenient access to both voicemail and SMS messaging.


Hello Expense

The boss has assigned the user a project with a tight budget, but this is no cause for concern. With this highly recommended application, users can easily keep track of their expenses. When items need to be calculated, it also can export to CSV for use in Excel.



In the life of a businessman, it is important to keep an eye on stocks and their options. With data straight from Google itself, this is a reliable and easy to use application for checking just that. Also, unlike other available trading applications, Stocks supports most of the world markets.


Droid apps health

Buddy Runner

Runners have their own application available to help track, map and chart their runs. It is a very useful tool in monitoring training and performance, in addition to comparing with other runners.



Users who need an easy and fast way to find out how many calories their meal has need only this application. It is a simple way to manage diet, calculate meal calories and saves recent items. Its food database contains over 35,000 foods from over 500 restaurants and has the ability to add custom food.


Genetics & Birth Defects

This application by Michael Quach was designed to teach its users about genetics and birth defects as well as provide interesting facts for them. It is definitely a useful tool when referencing topics related to defects and genetics but is not intended to be used for medical advice.


Heart Health Guide

Developed by the same person as the previous application, this one teaches about heart health. Like the previous application, it is a useful reference tool but is not intended to be used for medical advice.


Droid Internet Apps

Opera Mini

For users who need to browse the Internet with fast and easy convenience, this application is perfect for them. By compressing pages up to about 90%, Opera Mini goes fast. Users can sync bookmarks, history notes and even more between their computer and Android.

Android OS – Google – HTC T-Mobile G1 – Opera Mini mini-Review


Sometimes users have an urge to find something vintage or something they used to have but aren’t anywhere near their home to go home and check out Craigslist. Luckily, there is an application for this as well. Users can easily check Craigslist from their Android with all of the functions the main website itself has.



It would almost be silly not to have an instant messaging application on the Android. However, in modern days, it usually does not suffice to have one instant messaging network, especially with Google. This application helps the user access AIM, WLM, YIM, Facebook and more. Overall, it’s very useful.

Palringo for Android


Everybody has had a moment where they think they heard a lyric and are not sure if the artist actually sang what they did. Not only is this a media player but it comes with a lyric scroll, pulling lyrics from the Internet and puts them side by side with the song while playing. It also features music maps that allow the user to see who is listening to the same song and where.

TuneWiki Android App review


There are many different Twitter applications lately, but Twidroid is the king among the rest of them. Not only can a user do the usual tasks that Twitter offers, Twidroid has the ability to tweet links on pages that users have come across while browsing the Internet or even taking their GPS coordinates to tweet to followers of their location. The application itself is stylish, easy and fun.

Verizon DROID Messaging

“Droid Does messaging. With the notification panel you’ll never be interrupted by unwanted messages again. In a world of doesn’t. Droid Does.”

As it can be seen, there are many different applications that are useful to everybody on the Android. The marketplace is a great place to grab a few applications to turn that Android and turn it into a full featured beast that could put its competitors to shame.

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