New Galaxy S4: 5 reasons why Samsung’s HD powerhouse is the best S ever

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is finally out and about….and its has some pretty big shoes to fill!


So was Samsung able to fill the gap and build a phone worthy to be the successor of the Galaxy S III? The quick answer is yes, and here are 5 reasons why:

It’s The True Retina Competitor


Before the Galaxy S4, no one really came close to beating the sheer quality and sharpness of the iPhone’s Retina display. While the Pentile HD display of previous generations was impressive, one can’t help but wonder why Samsung didn’t go retina a long time ago.

Now, the wait is over. The Samsung Galaxy S4 finally showcases the most powerful display in Galaxy S history. It features a 441ppi pixel density, which is much higher than the Retina display’s 321ppi.

There’s still room for improvement in terms of screen brightness, but overall it manages to make images look even more stunning. Reading is as comfortable as a real live book and videos feel more alive with the new display. There is no question that Samsung has made their best display on a Galaxy device ever.

It has the Ultimate Stock Camera Software


More and more, people are using their mobile devices as their primary camera. While it has not completely eradicated the point-and-shoot camera market, it has definitely begun to drive it close to extinction. Every year, the camera hardware used in these smartphones improves and increase in capacity. Samsung, however, improves not only the hardware, but also the software behind it all.

Without question, the Galaxy S4’s stock camera application is the most feature-packed camera app in the mobile market. While other phones may require you to download several 3rd party camera software apps and filters just to make the best of the camera, Samsung provides it all and more in their stock camera app.

There are so many features to play around and work with, such as Drama Shot, the improved Burst Shot, Share Shot, Eraser Shot, Sound and Shot, Dual Camera Shot and a whole lot more. You can safely say that the Galaxy S4 packs a camera that has everything including the kitchen sink.

It introduces new Mobile Interface Standards


Samsung is always experimenting with something new. You could argue in fact that they are one of the greatest mobile innovators. With the Samsung Galaxy S4, they introduced a couple of new interface standards which will soon be part of other apps in the Play Store.

What am I talking about? I am talking about the new Air Gesture, the Air View, Eye Tracking and Motion control schemes. With the Galaxy S4, you can easily control your apps with new methods such as hovering your finger over the display, swiping your hand across the air, looking away and tilting the device. Touch is no longer the only way to effectively interact with a mobile device thanks to Samsung’s creative interface designs.

It packs more Radios and Sensors in a Slim Design


How can something so thin pack so much? With a slim design mirroring the size and form factor of the Samsung Galaxy S III, the Samsung Galaxy S4 manages to add so much more to the package. It already has a bigger screen, but now it also has new sensors and radios.

There are now a total of 3 Infrared devices in the smartphone. One is used to control IR devices like a regular IR remote control. This turns your phone into a universal IR remote. The other two are used to determine proximity and to aid in recognizing gestures.

There are also new sensors that are not known to be standard issue with smartphones. These are the Temperature and Humidity sensors. This should help provide a more accurate local weather reading as well as provide better data for your current location.

Another specialized sensor is the expanded light sensor, which is now capable of detecting red, green, blue and white light intensity, which allows Samsung’s new adaptive display to adjust the colors and brightness to match your current situation perfectly.

It is a Processing Powerhouse


The Galaxy S4 comes in two main variants based on the processing core that runs everything from the resource intensive display to the multitude of sensors and interactive designs. One variant will carry Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600, and another will carry Samsung’s own Exynos 5 processor.

As you may expect, benchmarks have been taken to determine exactly how powerful the new processors of the Samsung Galaxy S4 are. According to verified tests using the popular Antutu Benchmark, the Exynos totting variant was able to hit a score of 28018 points while the Snapdragon powered variant got only 23607 points. As reference, the Samsung Galaxy S III, which was a powerhouse in its own time, was only able to score 8740 points on average. That is a huge difference by any standards.

There it Is!

These 5 reasons and more should be more than enough to convince you that if you ever considered getting the Samsung Galaxy S4, it is definitely a worthy buy. While I am not saying it is in any way superior to other devices of 2013, it is definitely a very worthy competitor in the 2013 market thanks to the multitude of features and hardware improvements.