GBA & Quake III on ODROID with Android 2.1 [Video]

ODROID handheld game console is an Android powered entertainment device.

The Korea-based company HardKernel debuts its ODROID device in September 2009, and by late October, SlashGear was reporting that the first run of developer units have already sold out at around $300.

ODROID does have a pretty snappy ARM Cortex A8 processor from Samsung clocked at 833mhz, with ample 512MB DDR2 memory, a 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen display and 720p video playback through its built-in HDMI output.

This is the first Android device with such a gaming buttons layout.

Now watch the video playing  GBA & Quake III on Android 2.1 Eclair


Product information :
CPU : Samsung S5PC100 833MHz Cortex A8
DDR2 RAM : 512MB
System OS Storage : 2GB
Android 2.1 source code for ODROID :

HardKernel is shipping a developer-focused handheld game device that runs Android and offers source code, schematics, and a debug board. Especially now that both devices have multi-touch technology. But with the introduction of powerful Android devices such as Motorola’s Droid and most recently, Google’s Nexus One, gaming apps and functionality has improved on the device. The fact that the Android platform doesn’t support gaming as well as the iPhone is not new.

Phandroid wrote a post today which will answer your question, whether ODROID Android Gaming device supports Android 2.1? “…ODROID will be available in early March, …, Phandroid points out that “this launch will also be a Developer Edition device.”

Android 2.1 on ODROID Developer Edition

Get more information about via ODROID and via developer website

What do you think about this handheld game controller?

Do we need the ODROID with all its upcoming 3D features as Phandroid points out “with the new 3D Gaming features of the Android NDK added” or should we just follow Pandora’s example?

Will the ODROID compete with the next Nintendo PSP generation?

The image at the top I’ve captured from here ‘ODROID : Speed Forge 3D Demo through HDTV