Green Smoke’s E-Hooka Debuts

e-hookah has a powerful, laptop quality battery that will ensure hours of enjoyment with each charge

Green Smoke e-hookahNot that we plan on hookah bars going smokeless anytime soon, but if you’re interested in getting your entire table at Chili’s a much-needed nicotine buzz without getting kicked out of the establishment, then the E-Hookah from GreenSmoke is the gadget for you.

Riding on the coat-tails of their recently popular E-Cigarette, GreenSmoke has taken healthy smoking to another level with this smokeless monstrosity. So, whether you’re a closet nicotine junkie whose only aspirations are to see if you can pass out by stuffing both hoses into your mouth at once or a social butterfly intent on sharing all the pluses of green smoking with all oxygen-starved friends, we think you’ll love this contraption.