Here’s 5 Great Extended Battery Cases For The Samsung Galaxy S4

Compared to the average smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 might seem a lot more demanding in terms of power. It’s not that the phone itself is power-hungry; it’s just that even though it comes with a high-capacity 2,600 mAh battery, there will be days when it just won’t be able to keep up, especially with heavy users.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to extend its battery life through the use of battery cases. The typical battery case will increase the overall thickness and weight of a phone, but since it effectively doubles the standard battery life in most instances, then it’s worth the trade-off, don’t you agree?

There used to be a time when there was only one maker of battery cases, but that is no longer true. The market today is practically flooded with such cases from different manufacturers. As you can imagine, it can be quite a chore to choose one for your phone. We’re here to show you five of the best battery cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 based on looks, price, and overall performance. Lets take a look shall we?

lenmar galaxy s4Lenmar Halo S4

The Lenmar Halo S4 is among the simplest and most straightforward battery cases you can get for the S4. What sets it apart from the dozens of alternatives on the market is its highly affordable price tag — it’s one of the cheapest battery cases ever made for the S4. Despite this fact, it still manages to provide a whole 100% extra battery life. So don’t let its simple design fool you; the Lenmar Halo is one of those things that works as advertised. You can expect it to easily get the job of adding battery life done and not get in the way of anything. And it doesn’t look half bad in doing so.

Price: $89.99 29.99
Get it from: Amazon

exogear exolifeExogear ExoLife

With its sleek polycarbonate hardshell construction, the Exogear ExoLife is touted as the thinnest and lightest battery case in the world for the S4. But despite it barely weighing more than 100g, it also offers the exact same capacity as a standard S4 battery: 2,600 mAh. It also has a built-in LED battery meter that sits next to the power button at the bottom, and it can be used to monitor the remaining battery capacity based on the number of lit up LEDs. It really seems like it would be a pretty good fit for those who are willing to pay a little extra for something that looks and feels good while also being functional.

Price: $59.99 $29.99
Get it from: Amazon

Incipio offGRID

Incipio is known for its many flagship smartphone cases, so it should be no surprise how it ended up on this list. Its offGRID S4 backup battery case is one of your finer looking options when it comes to extending the S4’s battery life, and it doesn’t add a lot of bulk or weight unlike other alternatives. Its main selling point, however, is a 3,100 mAh battery that is said to offer up to 15 hours of added talk time, web surfing, downloading, and streaming. It’s also has a micro USB port for easy charging, while blue LED lights stand as indicators of charging status and remaining power.

Price: $89.99
Get it from: Incipio

uNu Aero Wireless Charging Battery Case

The uNu Aero battery case for the Galaxy S4 is probably the only one on this list that will make you feel like you’re living in the future. That’s because unlike the other cases listed here, it comes with wireless charging, so you won’t really be needing wires or cables to use it. It comes with an accompanying wireless charging mat but it can also be used with mats from other brands. And it still allows charging via the original USB, too. It features built-in NFC and a standard battery capacity of 2,600 mAh, plus it’s available in seven different colors. It may be one of the more expensive options here but its list of main features sure goes a long way to justify its price.

Price: $89.95 $29.95
Get it from: Amazon

outEDGE Power Battery Extender Case

Here’s a twofer: outEDGE Power’s S4 battery cases are on sale right now, and at least two of them are available for up to $30 off. First, the standard battery extender case which normally retails for $109.95 now goes for only $69.95. It’s made out of aluminum alloy and uses a slim and lightweight design — it weighs less than 80 g — plus, it offers a non-slip comfort grip. Meanwhile, there’s also a flip screen cover version with S-View, which acts pretty much like any other flip case with the added bonus of extending battery life. Originally priced $119.95, now it only costs $74.95. Both of these cases feature 3,200 mAh batteries, come with built-in kickstands, and are available in silver and black. Also, both have 4 LEDs built-in as status indicators, as well as an easy-to-press dedicated power button.

Price: $69.95 – $74.95
Get it from: outEDGE Power Products

Final Thoughts

We know that choosing a phone can be hard enough, so deciding on an appropriate battery extender case for your needs shouldn’t make things even harder. Just remember, when choosing a battery case for your phone, make sure to consider the following:

– Will it add an inordinate amount of weight and thickness to your phone?
– Is it made out of something durable, comfortable to grip, or easy on the eyes?
– Does it look good?
– How much extra battery can it provide?
– Can your budget allow it?

Needless to say, making a decision becomes a lot easier once you’ve answered the above questions.

Are there any battery cases that we failed to mention in our list? Let us know through the comments.