How-To Customize Notifications on Your Android Device

From talking with friends over instant messengers or voice calls to updating spreadsheets and playing the latest games, smartphones and tablets are capable of performing a wide variety of tasks.

When it comes to managing all the information and updates on your phone, notifications are the key. From status bar updates to on-screen notifications, these customization tips will have you using your device like a pro. Any app that utilizes notifications will typically allow you to choose how, when and why notifications are displayed. This can often be found within the app’s settings.

Configuring message notifications

1. Open your app drawer and tap Messages. Tap the Menu button and select Settings.


2. Tap Notifications.


3. Tap Notification Preview to enable or disable message preview on Lock Screeen or Status Bar.


4. Tap Notification Sound to change your sound alert. Choose your desired notification tone and tap Apply.


Configuring Google Play Update Notifications

Just like a computer or laptop, keeping your Android device up to date is essential for smooth operation and security. To help with this, devices supporting the Google Play app store will display notifications when you have updates available for your apps. With the speed at which apps are released and updated, you will likely see this notification frequently.

1. Open Your App Drawer and Tap Play Store.

2. Tap the Menu button once the page has finished loading and tap Settings.


3. Tap Notifications to enable or disable this feature.


Using Notifications like a Pro

While notifications are convenient simply for providing information, most notifications are also interactive. This allows you to perform a wide variety of tasks and activities directly from your notification drawer. Though the options available will vary by notification type and app.

Dismissing the Notification

To remove a notification from your drawer, tap and hold the notification and swipe to the left or right. Some apps disable this ability by default. In that case, the notification will shake instead of swipe away.

Responding to the Notification

Tapping a notification within the drawer will typically launch the app that sent the notification. This makes it simple to respond to emails, messages, phone calls and more. Instead of hunting through your apps, just tap the notification and go.

Clearing Your Notification Bar

If you wish to clear the notification drawer, simply open it and tap the clear button in the corner. This will remove any notifications that are not locked with a single tap. This is great for clearing out update notifications or other large groups of notifications.

That’s it!

Notifications make interacting with your Android device quick and simple. While the stream updates might seem intimidating at first, with a few customizations and tips, you will wonder how you ever used your device without them.