How to get Hulu TV shows on your iPhone for offline watching…?

… and 14 more great iPhone Hacks

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1. How to get Push Gmail on your iPhone

2. How to enable tethering now (prior to AT&T allowing it)

3. How to sync your iPhone with multiple computers

4. How to enable Emoji icons on iPhone 3.0

5. How to turn off the iPhone’s accelerometer

6. How to add a 5th row of numbers on your QWERTY keyboard

7. How to quickly move apps between pages

8. How to get Hulu  TV shows on your iPhone for offline watching

9. How to use Skype and SlingPlayer over 3G

10. How to stop app crashes

11. How to add an extension to a contact’s phone number

12. How to add words to your iPhone’s dictionary

13. How to disable auto-correct and auto-capitalize

14. How To Redirect A Call To Voicemail

15. Easy way to stop iPhone auto-correct by typing “z”

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