HTC Nexus One vs. iPhone 3GS comparison (Video)

Can you really make a comparison between Google’s new HTC-Nexus-One and Apple’s iPhone-3GS? Apple iPhone fans can’t await Apple’s new iPhone 4G

The HTC Nexus One was introduced recently to rave reviews. Some claim HTC could add more features to the Nexus One, which at present, are not working on Apple’s iPhone 3GS.

“Comparing the two smartphones is not fair.”

First watch the video, which has been brought to us by PhoneArena.

This video compares the HTC Nexus One vs. iPhone 3GS

“…so you can get a good idea of their similarities and differences,…”

Apple iPhone 3GS and HTC Nexus One: Side by Side

The opinions still differ, some love their new HTC Nexus One phone and other would never swap their iPhone with any Android phone.

Image credits and more information to this comparison via PhoneArena

When Apple will release the iPhone 4G, will it  kick and will it pass on the HTC Nexus One?

Engadget has uncovered some new features on Apple’s new iPhone OS 3.2

  • CoreGraphics to PDF API for sure, printer API is being prototyped
  • Spell checker in text fields and web views using AppleSpell
    • multiple languages
    • grammar checking (English-only so far)
    • address book integration
    • user added words
    • SDK access
    • Included dictionaries: Apple Dictionary, New Oxford American Dictionary, Oxford American Writer’s Thesaurus, Shogakukan Daijisen, Shogakukan Progressive English-Japanese Japanese-English Dictionary, and Shogakukan Ruigo Reikai Jiten (may also be used for a Dictionary app perhaps?)
  • USB Host support or expanded Bluetooth support
    • PTP support for transferring images
    • MobileStorageMounter (perhaps used for PTP; perhaps used to mount external USB storage?)
    • Hardware keyboard: USBKeyboardLayouts.plist
  • Much richer text API including low-level access to font data and highlevel support for drawing formatted text
  • Support for querying attached screens and choosing which screen a window draws on (App Store approved?)
  • The beginnings of file upload in Safari
  • Location-sensitive ads are being prototyped in integrated Maps application (and applications that use the maps framework)
  • Ability for applications to modify the standard cut/copy/paste menu
  • “Handwriting keyboard” is being prototyped.

via “Confirmed: iPhone OS 3.2 has support for video calling, file downloads, and SMS (update: handwriting keyboard?)” (Engadget)

What is your opinion will Apple fall behind Google, as shown with their latest coup the iPad, where people expected more features.

Rumour roundup about Apple’s iPhone 4G new features

image via iphone-4g-rumeurs

It is unbelievable that the iPad Can’t Play Flash Video. Also, the possibility that the iPhone OS 3.2 is iPad-only makes it easier for the iPhone fan to wait a little while longer for more impressive features.

There is one big advantage that the Google’s Android OS has against Apple’s iPhone OS… Google’s Android OS is open source. Making the source available to all programmers and would be software developers, will lead to more developers, more inspiration and more features.

A very smart move in our humble opinion.