Impressive augmented reality business card in 3d (Video)

Very very impressive 3d business card with augmented reality


At first glance this appears to be a CGI post process.

AR Business Card

AR Business Card from James Alliban on Vimeo.

Video from a previous AR project

AR Particle Beam

AR Particle Beam from James Alliban on Vimeo. more infos about this project via and via augmented reality competition on the Papervision forum.

I’ve used 3D lighting techniques and physics here to create this beam of light surrounded by strange celestial light particles.

Inspiration via Adobe John Nack

Mobile Phone Augmented Reality on a Business Card

Here is an interesting comment via @vimeo

“Nice work on the video textures. The best looking AR businesscard I’ve seen.

You may also like Daniel Wagners AR BusinessCard. AR is done on a mobile phone with his proprietary StudierStube tracker. 

It uses any image on the card rather than the black-and-white (FL)ARToolKit Markers you’re using:

A few months ago, using all open code, I did a vaguely similar thing to Daniel – augmenting a standard, found postcard with video:

via Julian Oliver

Is this real? Could you send me such a card?