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social-media-peopleAndroid is Google’s proprietary mobile phone operating system. It’s seen less media saturation than the iPhone, but its reach is growing, and it already has a passionate following online. There are literally hundreds of Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and Google groups dedicated to discussing news, applications, features, marketing, and everything else related to Android. If you’re at all interested in pursuing this underdog of an operating system, be sure to follow some of the more popular . Information on the Internet is all the same, anyway – it all gets around. Popularity on the Internet is based on each individual’s take on and dedication to the information.

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Here are some unique, popular sites for spreading information on all things Android.

Twitter Accounts

@cyanogenHome to Steve Kondik, passionate about coding programs for Android, passionate about his beer. If you’re interested in heavily technical information with a dash of wit, this is your portal. android_cyanogen-twitter

@TheAndroidSite – Dedicated strictly to all news and reviews of Android products, here’s the place you want to go to keep up with the latest out of Google’s labs. Typically these are links or reposts of news from a variety of sources, though there are occasionally some one-line reviews like “AWESOME!” It’s nice to have all Android news and reviews consolidated into one feed.


@androidandme – Mainly news stories – all the important news – interspersed with this particular user’s personal descriptions of his own Android use. Very sparse, elegant, easy to read feed, without a lot of clutter.


@androidunleashd – As the most popular user in the “Android Developer” list, this twitterer has his own website, works in the IT field, and is looking for a job. In his spare time, he plays with his Android phone and finds all sorts of unique and interesting features that people might not otherwise catch. If you’re interested in getting the most out of your new Android phone, here’s the feed to pay attention to.


@whatsupandroid – Self-described “Android PR Gal” fills her twitterspace with interviews of people in the Android scene, links to Android paraphrenalia, stories of important Android gatherings, and news stories relevant to new launches of Android phones. Always peppy, fun, and passionate about Google’s Android, she is sure to be a nice addition to your twitterfeed.


If these aren’t enough, be sure to check out Wefollow Twitter Android directory and Android-developer directory for more great Android tweeps to follow.

Facebook Groups

android_facebook-grpup-androidThe most popular Android group on Facebook, simply titled Android, this group boasts over 13,000 members, all waiting for the next bit of news on Android to come out. The group’s stated mission is to provide space for private developers to share ideas, and it is still that. It is also a hotbed for excited discussion about news stories, comparisons (“Why is Android better than iPhone?”) and personal sharing about features. If you’re on Facebook and want a board to check for interesting discussion every day, the Android group is great.

Conversely, you don’t have to join a group just to profess your love for Android. You can also become a fan here. Not much going on with this page, but if you want to show your love for Android to all your people on Facebook, by all means go for it.

android-social-mediaThis fan page, “Android Social Media” is far more useful, with unique news stories you’re not likely to find anywhere else posted at least weekly. With only 150 fans thus far, this page is an undiscovered gem!

Likewise, there are probably upwards of a hundred Android fan pages and groups on Google. Here’s a list to get you started.

Google Groups

android-developersAndroid-developers – If you’d like to have an interactive, businesslike discussion experience with other Android developers, you couldn’t go wrong with this group. Discussions range from relevant, technical news stories to specific issues that developers need each other’s help with. There are pages-in-process that can be viewed and commented on, allowing everyday visitors to partake in the group’s creation.

android_developers-communityCommunity – Similar to the above Google group, this one includes a blog, lots of reference links, a download site for the Android SDK, and a developer’s guide. It includes a list of not one, but seven distinct Google groups, for beginners to advanced users to casual discussion to security issues. Well-written and well put-together, this group is among the best of the bunch. So!

Lots of social media sites out there, all abuzz over Google’s new operating system, Android. If you’d like to join in the fun, just visit any of the links above, and tap into all the information.

From what I hear, Android is going to be getting more and more press in the coming months, which is sure to set these social networking sites aflutter. If you’re interested, there’s no reason not to join them now.

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