iPhone 3G speed performance compared in 13 U.S. cities (image)

comparison of 13 eastern, middle and western cities in the United States of America.


Image and original 6 page Source via ‘A Day in The Life of 3G’ [PC World] found via Lifehacker

  • This has nothing to do with the iphone. I doubt an iphone can even download at 1 megabit. It’s a test of 3G broadband speeds in different cities. On a different note, I’m moving to New Orleans 1400kbps.

  • I need a jailbroken iPhone…first i need an iPhone.

  • Quite low in seattle, anything to do with redmond?

  • lowell

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  • itaintrite

    477kbps in NYC? By NYC, you meant Queens, Bronx right? Cause I’m in NYC and I get a constant 600-700kbps on 3G, 1000kbps on 3GS.

  • itaintrite

    @Kimble, on the contrary, the iPhone is quite capable of downloading at high speeds. I’ve downloaded files via Wifi @ 800kBps (that’s Bytes).

  • Javydary

    I have an HTC touch pro with Sprint and I have done some tests this past year with other popular phones in Los Angeles and San Diego.

    IPhone 3g, same speed for gps, text and web browsing.

    Tmobile G1, same speed for gps, text and web browsing.

    IPhone 3gs absolutely destroyed my celly in every way possible!

    update Ando:@ Javydary I changed your name without [@ mail] should be safer then putting your email address into the name field

  • Jimmy Jones

    Dude there is just nothing out there that can compare to my IPhone!


  • AT&T has the lowest scores across the board. Is anyone else surprised?

  • Dan

    I have an iPhone 3g with OS 3.0 and I live in budapest, hungary. On tmobile’s 3g network I always have at least 2000 kbps.. it went up to 2300 once. I always thought its much faster in the US.

  • Dan

    2630 kbps right now with full signal