iPhone 4G concept in 5 colors plus motion-control? (Images)

The iPhone-4G will be awesome and could come in 5 colors plus motion-control.

Right now it looks like that Apple won’t change much on the 4G design, which shall arrive earlier than expected (April). On the other hand this could be a good sign that Apple will make the new iPhone much more powerful (dual-core). Design is more expensive nowadays then technology.

Galery via MobileCrunch

Is the 4G the technological future (4th generation) of the mobile smart phone or will it only be a bit better then the actual update from the iPhone 3G to the actual iPhone 3GS?

Image via unwiredview

Patently Apple reports that the iPhone can completely be controlled through motion sensors via “Cool New Finger Swiping Camera Controls coming to iPhone & iPad”

Image source and more via MobileMag

Iphone 4G (Diashow)

People expect the following tech specs to name a few

  • OLED screen
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • all new casing, probably much the same as the iPads.
  • fast processor and better graphics card with better battery performance.
  • software 4.0

What do you expect from the iPhone 4G?