Kindle Fire HD has 11% of all Kindle Fire traffic

Within the first week of the launching of the Kindle Fire HD, Amazon’s new device is already gaining a substantial share of the overall Kindle Fire family usage. Research firm Chitika has monitored the Kindle Fire HD usage relative to the Kindle Fire and the Nexus 7.

What You Need To Know:

  • As of September 18, the Kindle Fire HD has reached about 11% of the overall Kindle Fire web traffic.
  • Based on the data, the Kindle Fire HD has a long way to go to topple the Nexus 7. Google’s Nexus 7 has about 68.5% web share compared to Kindle Fire HD’s 3.5% and Kindle Fire’s 27.9%.
  • Chitika believes that Kindle Fire HD should maintain its pace to surpass the Nexus 7. Having almost the same hardware with the Nexus 7, Amazon should push specific Kindle Fire services to entice customers.
  • The study analyzed ad impressions from September 14 to September 18.


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