Kindle vs. iPad – Which is the better e-Reader?

Its screen is small, it lacks color and its capabilities are limited. At a time when newspapers across America were folding, Amazons Kindle put print where people really wanted it – in their pockets.

While its not quite as revolutionary as the iPhone, the iPad will continue this tradition by capitalizing on the fast-growing e-reader market that was forged by Amazon. And Apples string of hits continues to create new markets and to put money in investors pockets – despite one of the worst economic backdrops in modern history. However, the company and its public relations prince, Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs, have achieved near-cult-like status with the companys devout customer base. Apple essentially reintroduced the netbook, but infused it with the type of touch-screen technology that its perfected with some of its other successes, including the iPhone. The media buzz that surrounded the launch of the device – branded the iPad – was certainly overstated.

Great Kindle vs iPad Review

Kindle vs iPad Review – iPad advantages

The best way to think of the iPad is as a larger iPhone – one with a 9.7? screen. The iPad’s advantages are –

  1. It does a lot of things – movies (including HD), TV, color screen web browsing, playing games (games look really good), .
  2. Very good looks.
  3. Larger screen size – the screen is a 9.7 inch IPS display. IPS is really good screen technology.
  4. Full capacitive touch screen.
  5. 1 GHz Apple A4 processor.
  6. 16, 32, and 64 GB of flash storage – That’s much more storage than the Kindle.
  7. 802.11n, WiFi and Bluetooth 2.1 in the 3G model and WiFi and Bluetooth in the WiFi model. Kindle doesn’t have WiFi or Bluetooth.
  8. Accelerometer and Compass. Kindle doesn’t have either.
  9. Good battery life of 10 hours. Standby of over a month. This is still much less than the Kindle.
  10. iPhone Apps – iPad gets all iPhone Apps. The new SDK includes an iPad simulator.
  11. Excellent for newspapers – you get color photos and inline videos and more.

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But CES 2010 showed us that the e-Reader market is anything but slow growing. This is a comprehensive list for the categories to be compared, but not readers.