New ‘ikee’ related worm – Hackers are plundering personal data from jailbroken iPhones

Hackers are using the tactic demonstrated last week by an Australian programmer’s self-described “prank”

Computerworld reports that

This new worm uses “the same approach as last week’s “ikee” worm to silently snatch control of some iPhones”

“Portable attack runs on Windows PCs and Macs, then sniffs out nearby iPhones to plunder”

“It’s not surprising,” said Charlie Miller, a noted researcher of iPhone vulnerabilities, when asked his take on the move toward malicious intent. “This ‘vulnerability’ gives you root access to the iPhone, which gives you full access. It’s trivial to exploit, doesn’t need shellcode or anything like that.”

via Hackers pillage jailbroken iPhones

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