New Trailer Gran Turismo 5 “Nights”

Polyphony Digital, GT5’s developer, promised over 1k vehicles to race. There will be around 20 main tracks available in it and the variation of such tracks will bring the total number to 70.

Already in development for about 5 years, Gran-Turismo-5 is one of the most promising racing games we are waiting for.

Image via Forums Forza Motorsport

After some delays, Polyphony Digital is pushing to release Gran Turismo 5. The PS3 fans have to wait till this fall.

Gran Turismo 5 New Trailer

Sony is going to really push new technologies with their 3D gaming and their motion controller in 2010. Sony’s 3D-enabled Bravia HDTVs will also hit the market in summer 2010.

Polyphony Digital  was waiting for Sony to give the green light. Do you remember when Yamauchi said the game was all ready to go and they could “release it whenever they wished.

BTW “…the fifth installment will include visual damage as well as NASCAR racing.