Protect Your Privacy: Windows Phones Security Center

Windows Phones Security Center Deletes all messages permanently they will not move over to Deleted Items folder! [Timesaver] … [Continue Reading...]

Sony Finally releases its first Netbook Ever [Starting at $999.99]

"Specs are pretty much what you can expect with a Atom N280, 1GB of RAM, a 10.1 LCD with a 1366x768 resolution, an Intel GMA 950, Wifi, Bluetooth…" via … [Continue Reading...]

What is your favorite iPhone Twitter application right now?

Inspired by this post iTwitter implements new “push” technology [Pushed Tweets]> I thought to poll you out about: [poll id="2"] … [Continue Reading...]

iTwitter implements new “push” technology [Pushed Tweets]

What is your favorite iPhone Twitter application right now? "At the moment, iTwitter is free, but if it remains the only available push client for too long,..." … [Continue Reading...]

LucasArts and Steam partner up to revive classic titles

"Games from several of these franchises will be made available for download via Steam on Wednesday, July 8" •  Armed and Dangerous •  Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis •  Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure •  LEGO … [Continue Reading...]

World of Warcraft gets its own Twitter-client #TweetCraft

'TweetCraft - A World of Warcraft Twitter client' "TweetCraft is an in-game Twitter client for World of Warcraft and a Coding4Fun Project. With it, you can send/receive Twitters, upload screenshots, and even AutoTweet in-game achievements!" I … [Continue Reading...]

Magnetometer Coming to Android and iPhone

via Digg "Debuting later this month for Android phones, and planned later this year for the iPhone 3GS,“The Magnetometer,” could be the beginning of something big. Imagine the ability to point your phone at the stars to find out what constellation … [Continue Reading...]

iPod Touch camera rumor: Apple’s “massive” order of camera modules

Apple's "massive" order of camera modules! - Are the modules for the iPod Touch ? "While attributing its information only to a "sources in Asia,"TechCrunch claims that Apple has placed an order for camera modules destined for the next version of … [Continue Reading...]

FIFA 10 teaser trailer from EA – Official FIFA 10 Trailer #1

Official FIFA 10 Trailer #1 Video Video via YouTube … [Continue Reading...]

iPodLinux Project: Will Linux make Apple products cheaper? #gna

Linux does Welcome Apple's iPod with 'Linux4iPodNano'! "So far, a customized uClinux kernel has been successfully ported to several iPods by iPodLinux Project." via Digg origin source via Can Linux make Apple products cheaper? … [Continue Reading...]