iPod Touch camera rumor: Apple’s “massive” order of camera modules

Apple's "massive" order of camera modules! - Are the modules for the iPod Touch ? "While attributing its information only to a "sources in Asia,"TechCrunch claims that Apple has placed an order for camera modules destined for the next version of … [Continue Reading...]

FIFA 10 teaser trailer from EA – Official FIFA 10 Trailer #1

Official FIFA 10 Trailer #1 Video Video via YouTube … [Continue Reading...]

iPodLinux Project: Will Linux make Apple products cheaper? #gna

Linux does Welcome Apple's iPod with 'Linux4iPodNano'! "So far, a customized uClinux kernel has been successfully ported to several iPods by iPodLinux Project." via Digg origin source via Can Linux make Apple products cheaper? … [Continue Reading...]

‘Open’ Source Code from 17 Atari 7800 Games Released!

collection of the Atari 7800 game’s banners … [Continue Reading...]

Is the new iPhone 3GS jailbreak an opportunity for Apple to quickly jail the 3GS again in 3.1?

Gadgets BoingBoing reports that the "IPHONE 3GS JAILBREAK LEAKED, DEV TEAM SLAMMED" The iPhone 3GS jailbreak for Windows, with OSX shall follow soon, which allows the installation of third-party software which must not be approved by Apple's … [Continue Reading...]

iPhone 3G speed performance compared in 13 U.S. cities (image)

comparison of 13 eastern, middle and western cities in the United States of America. Image and original 6 page Source via 'A Day in The Life of 3G' [PC World] found via Lifehacker … [Continue Reading...]

Tetsujin: Japan’s new gigantic ROBOT [pics/ video]

Tetsujin No. 28 in production Translated YouTube description: "Anime version of the same total length of 18 meters set "Gigantor", and metal processing company in Kishiwada, Osaka "SEISAKUSHO North Sea" in the works. 100,000,000 … [Continue Reading...]

Palm Pre – WebOS 1.0.4 firmware update available

Ten days after the prerelease for the Palm Pre, Palm Inc. releases WebOS 1.0.4 patches the recent homebrew application install method "whereby users were able to side-load unofficial third party apps via an email link." via palminfocenter.com … [Continue Reading...]

Flash-Game ‘Half-Minute Hero’ wasn’t a commercial but the #retro

Joystick Playstation Blog http://playstation.joystiq.com Flashgames insights, they are quoting game producer Kenichiro Takaki and game director Kotaro Yoshida [@Famitsu PSP+PS3] (via PSP Hyper) "Half-Minute Hero wasn't always meant to be a … [Continue Reading...]

E-Plus Germany is selling cheaper Cell Phones with ads

GigaOm reports that Alcatel-Lucent wants to begin providing German carrier E-Plus with technical equipment, to serve ads on their customer cell phones "... that inserts advertisements onto mobile devices based on demographic information provided by … [Continue Reading...]