Mobile Search ‘on the go’ with Microsoft SONGO

A diagram illustrating the architecture of a Microsoft SONGO mobile search engine.

Microsoft's SONGO mobile search architecture shall make your real-time search easier and faster with the search 'on the go' function SONGO mobile cache architecture enables users to search the web instantly and access information (personal files, … [Continue Reading...]

November day and interesting iPhone-apps posts

Google maps app showing a map of a trail with November posts.

WP-iPhone-Plugins or Google Earth 2.0 iPhone app Interesting iPhone Apps Links... [shorties] “Google Updates Google Earth App for iPhone“ “First launched in October of last year, the first edition of Google Earth finds out your location either … [Continue Reading...]

Android doubled its Smartphone Platform US Market Share

A table displaying the top smartphone platforms in the US market share.

comScore's latest Smartphone Platform Market Share anylysis from Sep. 2009 - Dec. 2009 "..., Palm with 6.1 percent share (down to -2.2 percentage points), and Google with 5.2 percent share (up 2.7 percentage points). … [Continue Reading...]

New Trailer Gran Turismo 5 “Nights”

The captivating trailer for Gran Turismo 5 showcases the exhilarating nights of virtual racing.

Polyphony Digital, GT5's developer, promised over 1k vehicles to race. There will be around 20 main tracks available in it and the variation of such tracks will bring the total number to 70. Already in development for about 5 years, Gran-Turismo-5 … [Continue Reading...]

Influential Android Geeks, Experts and Groups on Socialmedia

An Android man standing out in a crowd of people.

Follow the most influential Android Geeks, Experts, and Groups on Twitter, Facebook and Google-Groups Android is Google's proprietary mobile phone operating system. It's seen less media saturation than the iPhone, but its reach is growing, and it … [Continue Reading...]

SPB Mobile Shell Interaction Engine for Smartphones [Video]

SPB Mobile Shell - a screenshot showcasing the Interaction Engine on smartphones.

SPB Mobile Shell has been available exclusively for Windows Mobile smartphones with touchscreens, version 5.0 is to be released for Android, Windows Mobile and Symbian. Watch the new portable SPB UI Engine in action First look on the new SPB Mobile … [Continue Reading...]

HTC defends their own innovations in Apple patent lawsuit

The California Court of Appeals defends innovations in the HTC industry.

HTC's statement on SlashGear. HTC is defending their own innovations against Apple Headlines are filled with htc/apple lawsuit news. Apple has sued HTC for infringing on 20 iPhone patents image via BBC and WindowsMobile7 Apple's CEO Steve Jobs … [Continue Reading...]

Dell Android the ‘Dell Mini 5’ Prototype [Images]

Two iPhones and a Dell laptop on a table next to each other.

First Images of Dell's latest Droid Phone prototype the Dell-Mini-5 aka "Streak" or "M01M" Once they have met with general recognition of specialists, such a tendency Dell tells secrets to assume that the Mini-5 built into so far officially … [Continue Reading...]

How To: Install Your Favorite Themes On An Android Phone or Tablet

Install your favorite themes on your HTC device.

The future of the mobile phone is here with the new Android phones. These phones are much more advanced than any other phones on the market, and though there are different brands of Android phones they all seem to function pretty much the same with a … [Continue Reading...]

‘Google Maps Navigation’ update for the Android available

The updated Android logo on a white background.

Today, it is obviously for free. A few weeks ago we reported that Google Maps Navigation goes mobile now there is an update available at the Android Market. The service is still in Beta and right now only in the United States … [Continue Reading...]