“Piracy is here!” Game Developer ‘RedLynx’ shares ‘hacked’ Demos via BitTorrent Sites

Is this a solution for the fight against product piracy.

trials2 ‘Trials 2’ is the name of the game created by RedLynx. It looks like resignation that The Game Developper put their ‘hacked’ copies  on various BitTorrent sites also Torrentfreak reports that RedLynx

“… has no way of knowing whether the free marketing on torrent sites has paid off. Thus far RedLynx has sold almost 150,000 copies of the game, but unlike the CEO claims, it is also available on torrent sites in a version where the leaderboard functionality is hacked.”

No chance against product piracy

This is not only a good way of promoting aproduct, it is also a very cheap way by giving away a demo version for free download via bittorrent.

What do you think about this scenario?

The game companies give away their games for free via Bittorrent.The money for deveolopment and Marketing will come from selling, additional software, tools, hacks, merchandising, etc.

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via Game Developer Promotes Game on Torrent Sites