Crash Monitoring


This is An Easy Android Crash Handle Lib. you can use this in your project to collect crash , you can easily store crash to your phone or send to you server.

StrictMode Notifier

Improving StrictMode’s report on Android.


Android library that allows launching a custom activity when your app crashes, instead of showing the hated “Unfortunately, X has stopped” dialog.


Sherlock reports any crash that occures in your application.


A simple tool to allow easy bug report capturing within your app.

Issue Reporter

This library provide issue report feature to your app.


Catch Errors Before Your Users Do. Full-stack error monitoring and analytics for developers


HelpStack is a library to provide in-app support for your app’s users, by connecting with the helpdesk of your choice. Your app’s users can easily raise requests or report issues from within your app.

Bugtags Android SDK

Bugtags for Android, reports bugs and their diagnosis information in one step, captures crashes automatically. Improve your apps anywhere, anytime.


A solution designed to improve efficiency in your software development cycle by saving time and effort so that you can focus on actual work.


Its a kind of toolkit to track the exception arising in the application and it will generate a json and can upload in your server using your own post url.


BugShaker allows your QA team and/or end users to easily submit bug reports by shaking their device. When a shake is detected, the current screen state is captured and the user is prompted to submit a bug report via email with this screenshot attached.


All important traces from your app. Now you know what exactly led to unexpected behavior.


Monitor application errors to improve customer experiences and code quality.


Building quality Android apps and getting good reviews depends on your ability to know, understand and fix bugs when your users experience them.

Splunk Mint

Deliver better performing mobile apps.

Fabric Crashlytics

Easy crash reporting solution. Fabric is a platform that helps your mobile team build better apps, understand your users, and grow your business.


The world’s best developers develop the world’s best apps for iOS, Android, OS X, and Windows on HockeyApp. Bring Mobile DevOps to your apps with beta distribution, crash reporting, user metrics, feedback, and powerful workflow integrations.


All android developer must have faced force close issue while developing an application. Here is a library to catch that errors and treat it elegantly.


Cross platform crash reporting/analytics solution. Supports NDK log.