Custom Camera


Open camera project – multi-functional camera application for android.


Android library to access a USB webcam feed.


Android Camera Library For Square Photo Taking.


A camera app using the new camera2 API in Android Lollipop.


Record full-resolution video on your Android devices.


This is an Android application with camera,picture cropping,collage sticking and tagging.

Material Camera

Android’s video recording APIs are very difficult to figure out, especially since a lot of manufacturers like to mount their camera sensors upside down or sideways.


A library to take picture easy, transform your data in different format and save photos in your device.


Realtime camera filters for android.


Simple android camera to capture and get bitmaps.


A simple Android wrapper for interfacing with the new Camera2 API for video capture.


Android library to simplify work with camera for video and photo with using different camera apis.


With the Marshmallow release and the new permissions model, taking screenshots of your applications has become just slightly more complicated as you need to deal with permissions on the run.


An open source camera for google glass. This is a an alternative to the default camera on Glass. CuXtom Cam provides you the default behaviour along with some special feature.

Android Hidden Camera

This library is to take picture using camera without camera preview.


Easy integration of camera for image and video capturing with Image Picker.


One of the hardest Android APIs made into a high level and easy to use library that solves all of your problems.


CameraFragment preview directly the camera view, and provides a easy API to capture or manage the device


A camera view to capture long image merged from small captured images as it is in Shoparoo app! This library uses CameraView from Google as the backbone of camera functionality and adds auto-support of creating long or wide images from multiple images.


Camera API in Android is hard. Having 2 different API for new and old Camera does not make things any easier. But fret not, that is your lucky day! After several years of working with Camera we came up with Fotoapparat.