Debugging Tools


Android Debug Drawer for faster development.

Info Dumper

Info-dumper is Stetho dumpapp plugin to show your android application’s information.


Performance metrics library for Android development (includes dagger2metrics).

Android Debug Grid

Draws debug grid over activities in android application.


Takt is Android library for measuring the FPS using Choreographer.


Debot offers a customizable debug menu for Android app development. Developers can easily add their own custom debugging features with simple steps.


Make performance bottleneck detection easily when app blocked.


Android library to record the network calls through the interceptor mechanism of the http clients.


Ever hid debug functions in your UI? Here is now a clean way to do it!


Easier RxJava2 debugging with better stacktraces.

Under the Hood

Under the Hood is a flexible and powerful Android debug view library. It uses a modular template system that can be easily extended to your needs, although coming with many useful elements built-in.


This lightweight library provides visual alerts to developers and QA when an issue happens during development/testing phase.


The debugger tool for Android developer. Display logs, network request, while using the app. Easy accessible with its bubble head button ?. Easy to integrate in any apps, to handle development or testing apps easier. First version, there is plenty of room for improvement.


A surgical debugging tool to uncover the layers under your app.


Lynx is an Android library created to show a custom view with all the information Android logcat is printing, different traces of different levels will be rendererd to show from log messages to your application exceptions.


A debug bridge for Android applications.


AnUitor is a result of my rebranding experiences of one android app what i was working on. Because of structure of project(s), not using themes, complexity of UI and app itself, it was really hell and time consuming work to finish app rebranding.


Chuck is a simple in-app HTTP inspector for Android OkHttp clients. Chuck intercepts and persists all HTTP requests and responses inside your application, and provides a UI for inspecting their content.

Bugfender Android SDK

Bugfender automatically generates an identifier for the application install in a device. You can retrieve it to show in your UI or send it to your server.

Android Debug Database

Android Debug Database is a powerful library for debugging databases and shared preferences in Android applications.