Image Loader


Lazy load of images in Android.


Android Image Loading Library.


Sketch is a powerful and comprehensive image loader on Android, with support for GIF, gesture zooming, block display super large image.


Loads images for Bypass using Picasso.


This is a sample repository for demonstrating the use of multiselect library. multiselect library is a powerful library to select multiple images and videos efficiently.


Pearl is a powerful image caching and loading library. Developers can even save JSON data in the form of objects and can retrieve them later on if they want to display content in offline mode.


image-loader is a simple library that makes it easy to download, display and cache remote images in Android apps. Image download happens off the UI thread and the images are cached with a two-level in-memory/SD card cache.


Load images with the use of material theme.


BlurImageView, you can load your image progressively like Medium does.First show user a blurry image, At the same time, load the real image, once loaded, replace the blurry one automatically.


Another lazy image-loading library with AndroidSVG, Animated GIF, and Bitmap filtering support built-in.


An abstract image loader for Android.


Shutterbug is an Android library that lets you fetch remote images and cache them. It is particularly suited for displaying remote images in lists or grids as it includes a convenience subclass of ImageView.


Glide is a fast and efficient open source media management and image loading framework for Android that wraps media decoding, memory and disk caching, and resource pooling into a simple and easy to use interface.


UIL aims to provide a powerful, flexible and highly customizable instrument for image loading, caching and displaying. It provides a lot of configuration options and good control over the image loading and caching process.


A powerful image downloading and caching library for Android.