Rooting your Android with AllDroid Community Rom (video)

This AllDroid Dark Beta 0.3 release is based on Android 2.1 one with Launcher2

This is a community custom ROM from the Alldroid community they are trying to keep this ROM as “functional”, which updates based upon Android 2.1. I would recommend that you are a developer or that you are very experienced with rooting your Droid phone. (A video guide to rooting your DROID! EASY PEASY!)

Let’s do it!

[Rom Review] AllDroid Dark Beta 0.3 by ReverendYo w/ Video

ROM Beta includes:

  • Youtube HQ patch – xeudoxus
    • Replace NexusOne livewallpaper with Droid livewallpaper — Sniffle
  • Launcher2 with Functional Buttons — xeudoxus + KrazyKrivda + dev team
  • SU binary and Super User.apk for 2.1 — Zinx/cyanogen
  • Symbolic links for busybox
  • (mostly)Deodex, Optipng & ZipAlign /system apk’s (beta 0.2 needs more optimization, but it is fast and stable so we want it in your hands)
  • Engineering bits from Cyanogen and our dev team
  • Cyanogen multitouch browser for 2.1 (will update to ere27 soon)
  • Multitouch 3D Gallery
  • Multitouch Maps/navigation with Night mode
    • AllDroid Boot Animation — MrLane
  • Add “reboot” option to power button
  • Kernel — Tazmanian_Droid
  • Overclock to 950
  • Wi-fi Tether support
  • Auto/Manual Brightness
  • IM app
  • Working Camera
  • Several aspects of ERE27

via [Rom] AllDroid Community Beta 0.3 release

More information, bug reports, user feedback and the ROM dowlnoad link.


quick 2.1 Rom; Launcher2; out over boxed OC to 1.2ghz; nicely put together with looks and function


2.1 wallpaper lag/restarts when going from home screen to app tray, Some issues getting things to work with Super User, Custom Boot image should be changed IMO, LED’s don’t work 100%, When in dock mode and press menu>settings you get FC

A full review about this ROM you can find at [Rom Review” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen> AllDroid Dark Beta 0.3 by ReverendYo w/ Video

Link to Rom thread (“[Rom” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen> AllDroid Community Beta 0.3 release”) starting Alldroid forum comments or via all ROM releases (@Mediafire reverendyo)


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