Samsung Galaxy S III boosts Samsung’s web traffic

Released just over a month ago, Samsung Galaxy S III usage has experienced rapid growth, giving a huge boost to Samsung’s overall mobile web presence.  However, Samsung is still far behind Apple’s iPhone, according to the latest report from research firm Chitika.

What You Need To Know:

  • Officially released in June 21, the Samsung Galaxy S III has received excellent reviews. It is estimated that about 10 million units have already been sold.
  • From June 18 to August 18, the Samsung Galaxy S III usage steadily increased to 11.23 percent of all Samsung smartphone web traffic. The device easily edged the Galaxy Nexus, but still behind the other Galaxy S devices.
  • Even with the significant boost from the Galaxy S III, Samsung is still behind from close competitor Apple in terms of web traffic in North America. Samsung has only 0.24 impressions per one iPhone impression.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S III is definitely a huge hit, but Chitika wondered if the device could maintain its popularity after the release of the iPhone 5 this summer.


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