Samsung Galaxy S3 Holiday Inn app offers unique Olympic Games experience

VIP guests of Holiday Inn London Stratford City are in for a treat. In partnership with Fingi, Samsung will bring an “end-to-end hotel hospitality solution” specially offered for this year’s Olympic Games.

What You Need To Know:

  • With an app installed, the Samsung Galaxy S3 will function as a room key, control lighting, TV, AC and other in-room features.
  • The smartphone would also provide daily updates of the latest Olympic Games results and provide location based offers.
  • Samsung has worked with Fingi to bring this unique service to 40 special rooms at the Holiday Inn London Stratford City, situated near the Olympic Park.
  • Last year, Samsung and Fingi collaborated to offer a similar solution at the Aloft Hotel in Bangkok using the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Clearly, any modern smartphone with the right software could be used for this solution. But as the official phone of the 2012 games, this is a smart marketing move by Samsung and one I wish they had expanded beyond just 40 rooms. Given that the phone and app can be used for hotel amenities such as in-room dining orders, laundry services and booking other hotel facilities, I’m sure the Holiday Inn wouldn’t mind offering this to a wider audience as well.
~ Kevin C. Tofel, GigaOM


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