Android 2.1 Snapdragon HTC Desire Coming in Late April

Softbank, Japan’s largest broadband provider announced the launch of “HTC Desire (X06HT)” for the late April 2010.

Softbank’s first Android smart phone will come along with Android 2.1
HTC Desire X06HT (SoftBank / HTC):

via Weekly ASCII (Japan)

Softbank X06HT Specs

  • 3.7” AMOLED touchscreen with a WVGA resolution.
  • 5Mpix CMOS Camera module with AL & LED Flash
  • W-CDMA & GSM
  • GPS, Bluetooth, HTC Sense
  • 1GHz Snapdragon CPU
  • 60 x 119 x 11.9mm 135g

“…the Japanese HTC Desire is the very same as its foreign brother” via Akihabara News

HTC Mobile is a Taiwanese cell phone manufacturer that has been making a lot of noise with the introduction of interesting new Smartphones in the last few years, and HTC is always good for its remarkable technical specifications such as the case of the HTC Desire.

Check this video about the

HTC Desire (X06HT) with voice search for Google Maps