SweetDreams wins Android Developers Challenge (ADC)

Android Developers Challenge (ADC) announced 30 Best Mobile Apps for Android

Yesterday Eric Chu of the Android Mobile Platform group “announced, .. I am pleased to present the ADC 2 winners gallery, which includes not only the top winners overall and in each category,…” there are winners in different categories from Social Media to Education applications as also from Entertainment to Productivity tools.

What is it all about ADC

Google Code page

“These winners were selected after two rounds of scoring by thousands of Android users as well as an official panel of judges.”

I’m sure this list includes some must-haves for seasoned Android owners and nervous new Droid users alike. And…

The overall ADC 2 winners are:


The Lifestyle app SweetDreams tops Googles’ Android-app award

“SweetDreams is a revolutionary tool that will finally allow you to go to sleep without worrying about changing your phone settings in order to avoid unwelcome late night calls. You can even use those inactivity periods to save battery power as well, and of course forget about enabling WiFi, Bluetooth or ringtones volume …”

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The winner SweetDreams gets $250,000 for the first place, ‘What the Doodle!?’ receives $50,000 for the second price  and ‘Wave Secure’ goes home with $25,000 for the  third place.

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