Top List Of Free Productive Android Apps For Business

You won’t be unproductive again with your Droid-phone when you use these top free productive Android apps for business

In this economy we need to be frugal with our spending and efficient with our time. An opportunity for business may arise at any given moment and could be one we cannot afford to miss. I have compiled a short list of the free Android apps that makes my life a heck of a lot easier. So here’s what I’m calling my “Stranded on a deserted island, and still need to get work done app list”.

AK Notepad: Do you forget things 30 seconds after you’re told about them? Do million dollar ideas come to you spontaneously? With AK Notepad, you’ll always be ready to jot something down in an instant. AK Notepad is one of those easy, yet invaluable apps. Put simply, you take notes on your smart-phone. Use it in meetings, write down quick to-do lists and attach alarmed reminders to specific notes.


If you’re in the mood for that old school notebook feel, you can change the theme of your “note paper” anytime. You can even change the size of the text to your liking. AK Notepad lets you share your notes easily with friends and colleagues by emailing or sharing them through your favorite Social Media channels.
There’s even something for you nervous types, the ability to back up your notes to your SD card.Best reason to use it- now you can take notes without letting others see how your handwriting has declined over the years.

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GDocs: AK Notepad is great, but there are times when you need a full office suite. If you’re still chained to that one computer because that’s where your office software resides, it might be time to get on the cloud and use Google Docs. GDocs is the Android app that takes your documents, spreadsheets and presentation files a step further by giving you access and editing capabilities from your Android phone. Now you can finish up that client proposal on your bus ride to work or sitting on the beach in the Caribbean. Are all of your office files stored locally on your hard drive? No problem. Just upload them straight to Google Docs, download GDocs from the App store, and you’re ready to rock and roll.


Dolphin Browser: We all have to get online for our jobs. As much as I like Google, the web browser that came with my G1 is pretty poor. Time to download Dolphin Browser.
Dolphin has tabbed browsing like your desktop browser, so you’re not left with 5 running windows like the default Android browser. It automatically detects RSS feeds and puts the alert in your top shade so you can easily subscribe to it. Browser cache is saved on your SD card- which is especially useful for us G1 users with on-board storage-envy like myself. Dolphin Browser also has the coveted pinch zoom for Droid users. You can also, share any web page you want through most Social Media platforms. Dolphin will make your swimming… I mean surfing, the Internet a breeze. Check also this
jkontherun How-to enable Multitouch on Dolphin Browser.

Dolphin Browser for Android 2.0 and Motorola DROID
“… a quick look at the Dolphin browser for the Motorola DROID. Dolphin adds multi-touch zooming, tabbed browsing, and even finger gestures in a solid Webkit-based browser.”
Android Browser Dolphin Browser Demo Video V2

“Dolphin Browser gives u a better Mobile Internet experience.
It can share link with twitter & Delicious, Sync you bookmark with Google, commenting on any page like G.SideWiki, auto detects & subscript RSS to G.Reader, save 1 times interest link to read later, tab style …”

android-business-app_greed-chartGreed (Lite)
: As much as I enjoy using the Dolphin Browser, it’s still time consuming going to all of my favorite websites to see the latest news. Thankfully, we have Really Simple Syndication (RSS). Greed lets you bring your Google Reader RSS feeds to your Android powered phone without the need to open the browser. Stay on top of industry relevant information by subscribing to blogs, newspapers and other website RSS feeds and get all of your information in one easy to read location. Just click the left and right arrows to go to the next articles. The full version, which is $1.99 allows offline support.


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With all these great apps, there is no reason to ever be bored… or as your Boss might say: Unproductive.